Use of silicone mat

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Silica gel mat is a kind of has a strong adhesion, can be in mobile environment protection items don't shake a mat of silicone material. Silicone mat can be applied to many, such as the car, home, office, etc. As mobile phones, paper, stationery and so on these items; Using a simple, convenient, does not occupy a space; Super durability, not easy to tear or damage; Resistance to high temperature, insolation after deformation does not melt; Clear water wash clean, gently rub immediately restore original clean and viscous, reusable, viscosity remains. Is a kind of life is very convenient for us a kind of silicone products. 1, automotive, stick mat in front carrying box above the plane or on the dashboard, will you the pen, keys, lighters. 。 Or COINS with a suction, so you can concentrate on driving, no longer because of the traffic like a gibbon touch the east side to the west in search of something to drop. Don't worry, uneven pavement items scattered from the car. 2, office: whether it is a computer host, side edge of the screen or on OA partition, it will play a biggest feature will you hand office stationery, mobile phone and so on small dongdong free stickers, tamper with, is very convenient. 3, home: at home, there are always some breakable, accidentally touch will be frightening, the mat can be glued to the electrical or important items, at the bottom of the ceramic ware, prevent the movement caused by an earthquake or accidentally touch and damaged. The silicone mat and bath mat, mat, non-slip cup mat, etc. Silicone manufacturers and process, from exterior appearance with cartoon characters, fruit shape, animal model, Coca-Cola bottles, such as all sorts of modelling, colour changed diversity, and increase the LOGO printing, oil spraying, spraying screen printing glue, and other processes, improve the grade of customers product brand value and increase brand. Foshan silicone factory producing all kinds of silicone products, silicone pad, food-grade silicone, silicone bowl, silicone strap, medical grade silicone, etc. , welcome to silica gel products factory visit, guidance and business negotiation!
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