Upstream silica gel factory stick to the 20000 line, silicon rubber, DCM, 107 glue market again meet cold in winter

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Recently, organic silicon raw material prices fluctuated, overhaul and load down more, stocks fell. Just last week, the price of DMC realized rose slightly. But on the whole, the terminal with the small amount of demand is given priority to, could not raise the price trend, the market short-term stability. Downstream silicone manufacturer needs stability, silicone rubber products into the recovery period, and the price to the serious influence, the upstream silicone rubber manufacturer to hold off the floor, stabilize the market! Product details DMC: DMC mainstream price stability, local small fluctuations, through a series of maintenance and the load down production, monomer enterprises inventory pressure drop. Local price is falling, 107 glue, 107 glue price most stability, terminal mainly take a small amount on demand of goods. Raw rubber, raw rubber price stability is given priority to, the downstream market continue on-demand procurement mode. Mixing rubber mixing rubber: market continued weakness, downstream demand, still could not raise the price trend. Silicon oil, silicon oil price stability, the overall delivery pressure is big, the downstream bearish mentality. Smooth silicon metal, silicon metal prices overall, as the south was stopped production factory, enterprise want to quote firm. Center of gravity down, methanol, methanol market prices fluctuate slightly. Device of the shandong region: shandong Jin Ling prepared to restart; Shandong dongyue ready to restart. Jiangsu and zhejiang area: zhejiang zhongtian maintenance; Xinan zhenjiang plant maintenance. At present, the monomer business inventories are down to different extent, but still in the partial pressure, and less positive, expected short-term organic silicon prices weak stability is given priority to. Note: the above prices are for reference only, do not make transaction basis, specific business firm quotation shall prevail.
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