Understanding process, liquid liquid silicone products development history and present situation you understand?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
The classified method of silica gel has a lot of kinds, such as classified according to morphology have solid silica gel, liquid silica gel; According to the classification of vulcanizing temperature with high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, low temperature vulcanization silicone and room temperature vulcanization silicone; According to the mechanism of crosslinking classification have free radical crosslinking silicone, silicone molding, condensation silicone and so on. Liquid silicone, English is LIQUIDSILICONERUBBER, abbreviated as LSR. The concept is not classified according to the above method simply points from the form, it is specifically, refers to the injection molding liquid silicone molding. , the abbreviation for LIM or equivalent LIQUIDINJECTIONMOULDINGSILICONE LIMS. 60; seven s of the 20th century is rubber and plastic industry is still in the stage of rapid development, a large number of new plastic and rubber material was developed, and the market. Silica gel from military to civilian in the 70 s, the market is expanding fast. Because mould pressing craft of the solid silica gel products such as Labour intensive, low degree of automation, energy intensive, and so on, make a lot of silicone products processing plant is difficult to solve technical problems, and can like plastic using silicone injection molding? Since the late 1970 s the international well-known organic silicon enterprises began to study fluid injection molding silicone. Mainly to solve the liquidity, physical and mechanical properties, safety operation time, injection technology and other technical difficulties. In the late 80 s China has begun to research and production of liquid silicone. Since the late 1980 s, liquid silicone began to industrialized production, from a relatively narrow at the beginning of the application domain to the expansion of the application of more and more, now the liquid silicone has been applied to include auto parts, electrical insulation, silicone electronic parts, food packaging, medical devices, health care, sports equipment, solar energy, optics, a printer, a wide range of military industry, etc. At the beginning of the 21st century, China began to liquid silicone industrial production. Compared with the developed countries backward ten years or so, but after 10 years of development, China has become a worldwide in liquid silicone field a force to be reckoned with in the production and consumption. Original liquid silicone technology held by only in a handful of international multinationals, spread to emerging countries. By a few applications to various areas, from a single silicone products to the diversified development; From a technical guide market consumption into market leading product research and development change; From basic research into the applied research and development. Liquid silicone to consumer spending from the west developed countries represented by China's emerging markets, as China becomes the factory of the world, more and more liquid silicone products in China were processed into various parts are sold, including China, the global market. Since 2008 by the U. S. subprime mortgage crisis triggered by the global economic downturn, liquid silicone a sharp reduction in demand, especially consumer goods market demand. Due to weak demand, the supply of liquid silicone rubber products appear relatively surplus situation. So the world famous liquid silicone rubber supplier uncharacteristically dozen have a price war, used to be in a relatively backward country, now is a worldwide liquid silicone price wars are in full swing, very lively. The situation in China is more bitter, more so. Should work harder on technical innovation, pursuit of the pace of international advanced technology development. Only with product quality, it's possible to win in the market. Digestion and absorption of knowledge is the first step, put the knowledge into technology is the second step, and finally to provide customers with excellent performance of the products is the key of the third step. Outstanding enterprises, should consider the combination between upstream and downstream, complementary advantages, enhance the resistance to cope with fierce competition, put down the burden, start the medulla, thrift school, positive reality, look to the future, not impetuous, work steadfast, the future can be in an impregnable position in the competition.
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