Understanding of white carbon black in the core role of silicone rubber products is what?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Before silicone products haven't molding, raw materials of different composition is the core of the product technology, in the silicone rubber raw materials can be divided into different mixture corresponding to the desired effect, and raw materials for white carbon black, silica gel products is just like the candle wick and wax, in addition to technology and preparation of white carbon black can also change the product performance and effect, so the white carbon black don't understand, you can know more about from here! It can be divided into the precipitated silica, meteorological silica, fine silica condensate and silicate chloride, and other properties of the different material applied to different raw materials, it is the main function of the silicone rubber products all functions, its property is different, in addition also modulate different according to different quantum ingredient formula, such as you can see the brand silicone products, high-end products, and so on are to achieve the effect of fumed silica above! For now in an era of technology improved, the requirement of many products are basic to achieve gas phase glue level above products, so the silicone products manufacturer in the gas phase adhesive effect of white carbon black and performance are also gradually started to attach importance to, guarantee the quality of products and performance is the key. Now a lot of customers friend very clear what you want is a what kind of product, demand is very clear, so for rubber material of domestic and imported complete reach a result, the main difference is that the cost of the raw stock loss is too low, purity reach effect, raw materials for white carbon black, dispersion is not good enough, length is expected to different degree of product of mediation, nature price and the effect will be different! Have a price on the market at present is for gas phase: domestic: - 23000 28000 - Europe and the United States: 24000 yuan Japan and South Korea 45000 yuan: 25000 26500 yuan. White carbon black as one of the auxiliary materials because it has a superior performance, makes use of it in a variety of areas, in addition to the silicone, it and used for rubber, agricultural chemical, daily chemical engineering, reinforcing agent, the cementing agent, etc. , the gas phase white carbon black can be used as a resin composite material, plastic, paint, paint, glass glue, seals, and other raw materials, the main advantage is non-toxic, heat resistance, tasteless, climate resistance can be received in a variety of industry applications.
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