Understanding of the organic silicone products industry development in our country distribution stations

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
2008 - In 20180 between the fast development of chemical industry of organic silicone industry chain in China, the new organic silicon products across the country share, organic silicone manufacturers can be seen everywhere, which belongs to a bag of jiangsu and guangdong is relatively prosperous, pick up in central China, in addition to foreign enterprises occupied Shanghai, jiangsu region. And how the world silicone industry development prospect is good, up and down in China covers an area of 9. 6 million square metre, it really is just a mere in jiangsu and zhejiang, Sue sea area? Downstream of the silicone industry in China, in particular, mixing silicone products industry, white carbon black industry, silicone rubber industries occupy several provinces, and in order to let the national reading friends of the silicone industry of China's chemical industry have a deeper understanding of China's organic silicon BBS also introduced: 'distribution of organic silicon industry in China' in view of various organic silicon enterprises in our country, have no idea about their own industry chain, relatively complex, especially silicone downstream enterprises can better understand, which unavoidably neglect and omissions, still need the readers comment.
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