Understand the types and applications of silicone tube

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Silicone tube is a kind of by environmental protection silicone as raw material after processing and forming, with excellent electrical insulation properties, ageing resistance, chemical performance is stable, able to bear high temperature above 200 ℃; Silicone tube as liquid, gas conveying carrier is widely used in aerospace, energy and chemical industry, industrial machinery, household appliances, medical equipment, food, environmental protection and other industries. The silicone tube by using industry can be divided into three kinds, respectively is industrial-grade silicone tube a few silicone tube, medical and food grade silicone tube, the industrial-grade belongs to ordinary pipe, the medical grade and food grade are platinum silicone tube. Industrial-grade silicone tube with avirulent environmental protection, electrical insulation, high temperature resistant, anti-aging, and many other characteristics; Often used in the machinery industry equipment for liquid, gas and other sealing materials, protect, guide and transportation, such as: wire insulation casing, automation equipment trachea, pipelines, etc. Medical grade silicone tube for medical accessories used in some medical apparatus and instruments, or as a drug blood pipeline, can effective antibacterial sterilization effect; For example: oxygen, tracheal surgery, analytical instruments, catheter intubation, drug delivery tube, pharmaceutical equipment nozzle, etc. Food-grade silicone tube with no side effect to human body of platinum silica gel as the raw material processing and become, commonly used in household drinking water equipment and food processing equipment for food of diversion pipe, such as: water dispensers, water purifiers, electric rice cooker, bread, jam machine, water heater, etc.
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