Understand the silicone products molding process should pay attention to what details

by:Keyuan     2020-09-25
In one solid silicone rubber and plastic industry products molding technology mature gradually, many manufacturers also gradually infiltrated many production processes, in silicone industry, many manufacturers have all sorts of technology of understanding, such as common extrusion molding process now, liquid injection process, die, such as high molding process process to make all kinds of different specifications and shapes and sizes of products, to meet the market demand, and different process of also can appear different questions, our country one of the most common process is the high temperature molding, what in molding production process need to pay attention to detail? To investigated the silicone rubber industry friends should all know, the molding process to produce silicone rubber products whether life or in the middle of the industrial building is widely used in medical industry, so the product production process there are many tips and details need to be aware of, to prevent the occurrence of bad product phenomenon in the middle of the molding process control the cost of raw materials, for the following points should be pay attention to the temperature, mould, time, put, weight and so on can decide whether to make a qualified products. First in temperature above a certain need to reach a predetermined temperature range to put rubber, use less as far as possible when the mold removal lon-izing and tuyere on the mold core, so as not to reduce the mold core temperature lead to bad, not too short nor too long time control, time is too short to products are not ripe sulfide not, time is too long, can cause the product is too brittle deformation occurs, even put rubber is also very important step, for some mould, put a little in place of the rubber products will lead to lack of material, mould cavity number too much product placement speed also catch up with, in case of no mold has been roasted, the weight of the materials lead to the size of the burrs, too heavy to flash it is hard to cut, too light leads to lack of material, product with the appropriate weight, so the mold maintenance, if stuck burrs stripping water spray can be used to mold good demoulding and more easy to do, if a couple have no problem but there is a wind phenomenon that find in the mold above problems, Suggestions can try after sand blasting. So a silicone products manufacturer to make a qualified finished product is not only depend on qualified machinery also have rich professional skills, in order to achieve superior product silicone products co. , LTD. , xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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