Understand the silicone hot vulcanization process - Double color silicone products processing process

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Along with the development of silicone products industry innovation, now our silicone products are delicate, many are made according to customer requirements of now no matter what color can be modulation, we have learned some engineers now we silicone products industry can crank out a few thousand kinds of color, so no matter how the customer needs to request can be made, and some of our customers' needs in terms of making is not just a single color, some need two or three color color, and can be made for silicone products manufacturer, the specific production process, we come to know. Some friends may think double color when the production of silicone rubber mixing engineering materials produced in the direct molding is ok, in fact is not just that simple, for double color silicone products, we can see the color of the distribution and production design, some products in place when producing two kinds of materials can be completed, and some double color products to look at the color distribution, such as double color we produce silicone bib, is to use two sets of mould, if the design is red, the product map is white, must first red pattern forming on the product produced, and then on into the fixture board, the product of white raw materials under the mold die, then put the red pattern material printed on the lower die for forming sulfide. Silicone products, now we are varied, basically as long as you have samples and drawings can be produced, unless the requirement is very special, may couldn't open the mould, so now the silica gel products industry products can replace a lot of hardware plastic products, and now the engineer to do not to come out, only you think not. The article from the professional silicone products manufacturer in xiamen - Reprint please indicate the source!
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