Understand the silicone cup, you don't know where silicone commodity advantage

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Silica life daily category products in recent years, a wide range of covered life commodity market, and with the international environmental protection low carbon product promotion, advocate the silicone commodities daily series of regional and national basic for the life have silica gel glass, silica gel cup with lid a kind of common life, and we all know that the traditional metal, glass, TPU, is now the market most of the plastic cup, and soft silicone, right innovation practical in silica gel glass type of products or get very good effect. Cup silicone, silicone rubber glass production process mainly as follows: raw materials mixing processing to achieve uniform liquidity, standard rubber cutting to ensure that the silica gel products appear in the production process of the stitch is too big, burrs or damaged items adverse phenomenon, the product high temperature vulcanization molding curing function effect, the product in high temperature sulfur removal material compound ingredients reach full environmental non-toxic tasteless, followed by screen printing or injection process in the delivery of all inspection QC packaging. Advantage and function of the whole process after the product is difference with other materials to a certain extent, and the main difference lies in its soft resilience to drop shock absorption, to prevent the phenomenon such as remark hurt bruised, followed by the appearance of the product effect more advantages than other materials, the product can do a variety of different pattern and color such as texture technology, printing technology, printing technology and a glue or secondary processing method to achieve different appearance, let the silicone cup more stereo feeling. Including functional silicone cup sets manufacturers can choose different hard softness customized processing of raw materials, to achieve different effect and supporting effect, feel to do 3 d folded can be made at the time, can be used in different environment can resistance to high temperature boiling water for a long time and freezing temperature, easy to clean, easy to carry, but mainly products and maybe can let the consumer feel tall is creativity, not the same feeling. Besides the silicone cup, the cup basic are replaced by silica gel products, products such as silica gel cup mat, silicone lid and silicone cup cover, etc. , but in other words, the correlation of the particularity of materials and articles for daily use the silicone cup and silica gel products among the articles for daily use is only the creative products, are not completely replace the traditional cups, so it is with other material route and sales way is different.
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