Understand the manufacturer of silicone mold and the machine is used for the silicone products process detail!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
Organic silicon industry demand for various products in the industry is very common, and solid state hydraulic technology in organic silicon industry accounted for more than 50%, the highest demand as solid molding process, it may do high and low hardness of different material, and the hardness of hard and soft also affect the normal use of products, some of the silica gel in daily life often require high hardness material, the silica gel seal for high hardness will problems phenomenon has become the product we use. High hardness in the silicone products manufacturer in the industry is, indeed, there are some technical requirements, the first to see if the development of the mould structure has a certain influence on product vulcanization, second mould's exhaust slot there really is good? And most importantly, the use of high hardness of the products for you can meet the requirements? Some customers often want to 60 degrees or so, but can't distinguish hardness of soft and hard degree can only be guessed at, causing the hardness after the 70, 80 to affect the normal use of the function, the material of 90 degrees, and some friends want it verbally that need only 70 degrees, 80 degrees is enough, the results of die out after silica gel hardness can not meet the requirements, so understand product hard softness is important, silicone hard softness is divided into plus or minus 5 degrees instead of + 1 also has its reason. For the high hardness? 吗? In the silicone products? 吗? The production process needs to be shorter time, lower temperature, try to reduce the its processing hardness, nature reserves the hardness, if the curing time is too long, your seal must be very fragile, it is easy to tear, that will have to pay more attention to when using, if your temperature is too high the product appears the probability of edge tear and get bigger, the aging rate will gradually increase! So high hardness products in machining process or need certain skills. Have difficulty in fact the main or mould since the open edge and exhaust slot exhaust effect as long as can get products, adjusted basic no problem on the machine. Fujian silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( Article/hanguiyouxifaludaodi_1. html)
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