Understand the causes of silicone accessories easy craze is what!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Silicone material jewelry is a popular kind of promotional gift articles for daily use, especially in primary and middle school students wear ornaments category has a huge consumer market, wants to boost heads that still need to it the appearance of the style, so beautiful beautiful appearance of the product level is the focus of it, but in addition to the delicate and beautiful appearance, the quality and life of silicone accessories also become the concern of many friends, just bought not long but because of improper use result in fracture damage phenomenon, so what make the silicone jewelry is so fragile, and is there any way to make it improve the quality of life? Products appear torn broken phenomenon seriously affect consumers' desire, so quality has become the key of silicone accessories, such as silicone necklace or silica gel hand ring type of product is manufacturer, there are many ways to prevent it appear rupture and compare with common sense and will cherish a little friends will use the natural, but the use of every consumer heart, also led to the quality of the products is different, so the quality of life is the source of the silica gel products will control the most important. Material is the key of ornaments, raw materials, with better quality will have a good life, but the market prices of different nature can produce different quality requirement, so is different to the requirement of raw materials, the brand of silicone accessories usually choose to pull the rubber with better effect, such as huawei, hand ring, millet bracelet and so on, and go shopping and cheap quality is another matter, so positioning product's price is important, but the material formula and the effect will still have certain differences, good material does not necessarily can do brand accessories, bad material also not necessarily is cheap! Work problems, in the case of silicone accessories manufacturers products production and processing and control the quality of the silica gel, the quality of the product depends on the production personnel control, the product is too brittle mainly because the processing temperature, curing time is too long lead to product is too fragile, is beyond the scope of the material to adapt to temperature, appear this kind of main control lies in the vulcanization machine temperature and processing time, do not any adjustment in the process of machining parameters and the time of the mold can! Products quality defects are the main reasons, such as product produced with little damage and process after trimming the crevasse, because the silicone material is a material in mouth, if the product is razor blades damage then basic can't remedy, can cause its tear after long-term influence of mouth gradually get bigger, so proposal consumer silicone accessories to dress as far as possible don't contact with sharp blade, otherwise you will lose it! Main structure problem is also on the other hand, the silicone material is normally does not have a large Angle and taper Angle structure, if it does, it will be in the product corner part appropriate add some R chamfering maintain fruity and sex, so in the case of product material hardness on the high side such as the product has a certain Angle and Angle is likely to lead to break, tear phenomenon, another factor is the product of hardness determine its tension, the greater the hardness, the higher the product brittle phenomenon, and in combination with size thickness feet thick degree lead to tear brittle has certain influence!
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