Understand how big a force strength of silicone rubber gasket

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Known silicone rubber gaskets will inevitably encounter in the process of using mechanical pressure and shock absorption for a long time, so the product when using the tends to cause stress can appear deformation or lose resilience, long service life is not guaranteed, so for the performance of silicone rubber products still have certain indicators and use limit for silicone rubber gasket biggest what are the limits of what? Influence on fatigue deformation phenomenon of silicone products, silicone materials caused by a change in the structure and properties of fatigue problems, fatigue as the products use for a long time, lead to products are destroyed, affected by fatigue resistance mainly depends on the raw material of the product filling agent and crosslinking agent, poor fatigue resistance of the silicon atoms in use process after efforts lead to reduce the influence of the life loss of performance. Abrasion wear resistance tender nature is very important, performance characterization is to resist the vulcanized rubber was made in force under the action of material loss resulting from surface damage. Is closely related to the service life of the silica gel products mechanical properties of the product in the process of breaking bad, such as the lower melting point should be the product of wear-resisting effect will become poor, such as silicone products in the process of using stress degree and friction force has a certain impact, then it is likely that they will lead to it affect the service life of bearing. Elasticity, the influence of the silicone material has good flexibility so take to the important role in gaskets, silicone rubber products the characteristics of representative is elastic, and the performance of the silicone gaskets buffer rebound was due to the rebound of the silicone molecule activity, which could recover after affected by external force, the support it can reach using the index of performance, flexible occupies very important position, but because of the different with force and the method of using different limited problems could make it. The relationship between the tensile strength, pull extension rate and tensile strength, and silicone rubber gasket as long as security has strong tensile strength with the rebound strength, to make sure that the conditions are not ripe in normal external force damage, the basic can achieve normal product use effect, so each silicone rubber products manufacturers of materials lead to product the tensile force of different rubber content, the gas phase adhesive glue content over 70%, softness lower gasket elongation rate can reach more than 300%, so in the normal stress distribution under basic won't appear the phenomenon such as deformation, but fees normally use may lead to problems.
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