under pressure, doctor stops silicone injections

by:Keyuan     2020-06-18
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New York Doctor Norman otterridge, a prominent advocate for smoothing wrinkles using an injection of silicone, said today that he stopped doing so on Monday due to pressure from federal investigations.
Investigators are investigating doctors who continue to inject silicone, despite years of reports of occasional catastrophic results such as permanent ulcers and lumps.
In rare cases, when silicone is migrated to the lungs, a large number of injections and deaths are caused. Dr. David A.
Kessler, Food and Drug Commissioner, banned the interstate transportation of silicone for injection; Dr.
Orentreich said he got silicone in New York and cleaned it himself.
Dr. Peter Safir\'s lawyer
Orentreich said the doctor stopped injecting silicone on Monday.
On Sunday, the New York Times reported details of the investigation in an article about the potential danger of silicone injection. Mr. advertising
Dr. Safir said
Orentreich insists that \"these injections are absolutely safe. \"Dr.
Orentreich leads the Orentreich Medical Group, a clinic on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan that includes several doctors and performs various cosmetic surgeries.
Over the years, this practice has become well known because celebrities who come to the doctor\'s side
Orentreich for silicone injection.
He spoke bluntly in favor of banned injections in California and Nevada.
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The Food and Drug Administration is also investigating other doctors who use silicone injections and has sent warning letters to doctors
Dr. Richard arrenson of Los Angeles
Ricardo Samitier-
Cardet and Dr in Miami. James E. Fulton Jr.
Orange County, California.
Manhattan Democratic Representative Ted Weiss has been investigating injection and gel implants for more than a year.
Kessler finally stopped the decision to use silicone illegally, but it is sad that the previous commissioner allowed this dangerous practice to last for more than 25 years.
Until Congress and the media focus on the risks of silica gel, F. D. A.
Ultimately, the practice of some of the most outspoken silicone injection advocates was blocked.
The advertisement is in F. D. A. and Dr.
Counsel for Orentreich is negotiating a consent agreement.
Orentreich will stop the use of silicone injections to avoid the immediate release of the ban and the seizure of liquid silicone in his office.
A version of this article appears on the national edition B00007 page of February 6, 1992, with the title: Under pressure, the doctor stops silicone injection.
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