u.s. files suit to halt silicone use by doctor

by:Keyuan     2020-07-11
S. Department of Justice filed a lawsuit on Friday asking a California doctor to stop using liquid silica gel to treat wrinkles and acne scars, or to make lips swollen.
Before the federal court in Los Angeles filed a lawsuit, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning to doctors that liquid silicone injections were not approved for medical use.
James E. , civil charges. Fulton Jr.
Clinics in the United States illegally promote and use liquid silicone to expand lips or treat scars and wrinkles.
The lawsuit alleges that Fulton and his clinic operating in the Los Angeles area violated the food, medicine and cosmetics act.
FDA Commissioner David Kessler said in a statement, \"consumers should know that liquid silicone injections have never had a scientific assessment of safety and effectiveness.
\"People who receive these injections are facing unknown potential dangers,\" Kessler said . \".
In congressional testimony, Kessler cited medical literature stating that liquid silicone can cause swelling or lumps in the skin, which is related to softness. tissue tumors.
According to the complaint, Dow Corning
In a letter of 1990, Fulton was told that the injection of silicone to the patient was a misuse of its products.
The Justice Department told Fulton last Thursday
The complaint stated that the use of liquid silicone violated the law.
The lawsuit seeks a ban on Fulton and his clinic from injecting patients with silicone before the FDA approves treatment.
Fulton\'s Vivant Inc. was also named in the case.
Acne Research Institute, Ltd.
He runs a non-profit research organization.
The suit was filed after the Justice Department reached an agreement decree with three New York City doctors who agreed not to use liquid silicone or promote it as treatment.
Late Thursday, David S. Norman otterridge signed the consent order.
Audrey and Michael. Kalman.
FDA is working on the safety of silicone
Gel breast implants produced by Dow Corning and other companies.
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