u.s. files suit to halt silicone use by doctor

by:Keyuan     2020-07-07
Federal authorities filed a lawsuit on Friday to prevent dermatologists at Newport Beach from injecting patients with industrial grade liquid silicone to correct skin conditions such as wrinkles and acne scars and expand their lips.
A complaint was filed against Dr. James E. Fulton, a co-
Developer of Retin
Touted as a vitamin A derivative that effectively prevents wrinkles.
Fulton has developed other beauty products designed to soften and smooth wrinkles and scars.
He runs three clinics in Newport Beach and Vivant Inc.
And acne Institute Limited
A non-profit research institution
A lawsuit filed in the United StatesS.
The Los Angeles District Court has accused Fulton and the clinic of violating the food, medicine and Cosmetics Act by promoting and using liquid silica gel that is not approved for medical treatment.
The Justice Department told Fulton last Thursday
The complaint stated that the use of liquid silicone violated the law.
Fulton could not be reached for comment.
In a letter to the federal prosecutor dated October, he argued that his use of silicone was not illegal.
The complaint alleges that, despite warnings from Fulton\'s manufacturer Dow Corning, Fulton managed liquid silicone. , and the U. S.
Food and Drug Administration
Fulton allegedly obtained industrial grade silicone from sources and manufacturers outside California under false excuses.
\"He did not disclose to them when he ordered (use on humans)
It will be the purpose, \"said the American assistant. S. Atty. Suzanne H. Segal.
\"Consumers should know that liquid silicone injections have never had A scientific assessment of safety and effectiveness,\" FDA Commissioner David A said . \"
Kessler said in a statement.
\"The people who receive these injections are facing an unknown potential danger.
Last month, Kessler called for a voluntary suspension of sales and the use of silcone-
Gel breast implants made by Dow Corning and other companies until a FDA study determined whether they should remain on the market.
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