Type heat vulcanization silicone rubber products technical advice!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-29
Hot vulcanized silicone products is sales in the organic silicon is higher, more kind of civilian products, and from the consumer to understand the silicone products, they are just products to achieve a certain purpose, and material can be suitable for our practical performance, and on the technical level is different, hot vulcanized silicone rubber material can be divided into several types of property condition, also classified according to different characteristics for product pricing, so the material of silica gel products performance and price is mutual support, which one do you need the product modulation effect can be what kind of raw material characteristic. Type heat vulcanization silicone rubber - — Classification by using characteristics of silicone rubber products in the form of raw rubber vulcanizates or sell silicone rubber products manufacturers, general mixture with various properties of rubber for the user to choose from, according to the characteristics of different can be divided into the following categories: type 1, general motors ( General strength type) 。 Is composed of vinyl silicone rubber and reinforcing agent, the physical properties of vulcanizates is medium, dosage the biggest, generality is the strongest type of rubber. 2, high strength type. Using vinyl silicone rubber or low phenyl silicone rubber, with larger specific surface area of fumed silica or after modification of silica as reinforcing agent, and by adding suitable processing aid and special additives comprehensive improvement measures, improve the crosslinking structure, improve the tear strength, also is our common food-grade silicone products category. 3, high temperature resistant type. Using vinyl silicone rubber or low phenyl silicone rubber, the kinds of reinforcing agent and heat-resistant additives by the appropriate choice, can be obtained from 300 ~ 350 ℃ high temperature resistant silicone rubber. 4, low temperature type. Da with low phenyl silicone rubber, brittleness temperature 120 ℃, in - Under the 90 ℃ still resilient. 5, low compression set. Mainly USES the vinyl silicone rubber, with vinyl special organic peroxide as curing agent, when the compression ratio is 30%, the compression after 24 ~ 72 h under 150 ℃ is the permanent deformation of 7. 0% ~ 15% ( Ordinary silicon rubber is 20% ~ 30%) 。 6, wire and cable. Mainly adopts vinyl silicone rubber, choose good electrical insulating performance of fumed silica as reinforcing agent, has good performance of extrusion process. 7, oil resistance, solvent resistance. Mainly adopts ammonia silicone rubber, generally divided into two major categories of general and high strength. 8, flame retardant. Using vinyl silicone rubber, added with halogen or a platinum compounds as flame retardant rubber, has good flame resistance. 9, conductive type. Using vinyl silicone rubber, with acetylene black or metal powder as a filler, choose high temperature vulcanization or add molding curing method, volume resistivity can be obtained to 2. Silicone rubber Ω · 0 ~ 100 cm. 10, thermal contraction. Vinyl silicone rubber added with a range of melting temperature or softening temperature of thermoplastic materials, silicone rubber heat shrinkage rate could reach 35% ~ 50%. There is no secondary sulfide type. Using vinyl quality score higher vinyl silicone rubber, raw rubber and compound control through the pH value, adding special additives. 11, sponge type. Add nitroso compound in vinyl silicone rubber, diazonium and azo organic foaming agent, can be obtained foam sponge evenly. In addition, foreign still type thermal conductive silicone rubber, fluorescent type silicone rubber, and mixing rubber varieties such as medical grade for sale. With the development, the purpose of the silicone rubber rubber varieties brand become more and more, too many brands could trigger chaos in the production, shipping and sales work. Some silicone semi-finished products manufacturers are correspondingly varieties can be divided into several kinds of typical base glue and several characteristics of additives ( Including pigments, vulcanizing agent, etc. ) Sale, users according to certain formula, according to their needs, and hybrid technology compatibility, respectively for a quick end product. This method not only make varieties of simple and clear, and the production batch is big, stable quality, cost reduction, and improve the competitive.
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