Transfer: the organic silicon products production capacity 3 million tons, the highest in the world!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-30
Since the founding of new China in 70, and organic silicone products industry in our country has passed 68 years, at present, China's organic silicon production capacity of 3 million tons/year, outside the world first, and have the breakthrough technology monopoly - — Over the past 68 years, in the struggle of several generations, silica gel products industry in the domestic chemical industry one of the few truly rely on independent innovation, developed with independent intellectual property rights of industry, both in technology, and made remarkable achievements in the size, to become the world's organic silicon industry an important force to be reckoned with. Organic silicon research and industrialization in China from the early 1950 s. Experiment in 1951, the heavy chemical industry of Beijing so Yang Dong cochrane researchers led by grignard method the synthesis of organic silicon monomer and silicone resin, pioneered and application research of silicone industry in China. Built in 1957, shenyang chemical industry research institute silicone intermediate test workshop, carried out a direct mixing bed synthesis of methyl chlorosilane and the grignard method to synthesize phenyl chlorosilane experiment, and the trial production of organic silicon polymer. In 1958 at the time of the annual meeting of the scene state science and technology commission and chemical to the relevant units to provide the workshop of a full range of technical data and drawings for promotion. At this point, organic silicon in China began the process of industrialization in the first round. Resin factory built in the same year, Shanghai direct method for synthesis of methyl chlorosilane production plant, and successively produce silicone resin, silicone oil, silicone rubber products, life daily silicone products and so on. But until the late 1970 s, the organic silicon industry in China has been in the initial stage. Polymer production capacity and only dozens of tons to hundreds of t, organic silicone products, expensive, mainly for military or used in some special industries. The implementation of the reform and opening up policy, make the world manufacturing industry to a large number of transfer in our country, promoted the organic silicon products should widely use in our country, to the organic silicon material industry has brought the development of the spring. In the 1980 s, jiangxi, Shanghai xinghuo chemical plant resin factory, jinan petrochemical factory, bengbu silicone factory, zhejiang civilized silicone factory, sunup company calcium carbide plant and natural gas in sichuan and other 16 units successively built methyl monomer production unit, the total capacity of up to about 1. 20000 tons/year. But insufficient supply of methyl monomer is still serious in China. In the past ten years, other industries are the imported technology, set up joint ventures or wholly foreign owned enterprise; And the organic silicon industry is almost no movement. Foreign companies attempt to monopoly and control of organic silicon in China market, not only for methyl monomer production technology transfer, not is not in our factory, even after processing the silicone products are few joint ventures. In this case, the domestic enterprises in the study, have made a breakthrough in technology. In 1998, bluestar xinghuo chemical equipment of methyl monomer production run normally, organic silicon industry in China has entered the phase of rapid development from now on. Under the market economy environment, some methyl monomer production enterprises because of outdated technology or industrial structure adjustment out of the field; And spark chemical plant, xinan chemical industry group co. , LTD and jilin petrochemical company backbone enterprises, speed up the pace, some organic silicon downstream products production enterprises and related industry also join the ranks of methyl monomer production plant construction. Entering the new century, the world production of organic silicon monomer to speed up the transfer to China. In 2004, the United States dow corning corporation joint venture with the German wacker company factory in China, in jiangsu zhangjiagang city invest in the construction of 190000 tons/year siloxane project; China national bluestar group acquired in 2006 France rhodia company organic silicon business, making it the world's fourth largest organic silicon production company; In 2007, zhejiang xinan group Wallace figure high-tech materials group signed a joint venture agreement with the United States, in zhejiang province building heart cooperation for 100000 tons/year organic silicon monomer construction. At this point, the five largest producers, organic silicon monomer four implements the 'made in China'. In the expansion of the scale of production at the same time, China's organic silicon production technical level has greatly increased. In 2006, hot vulcanized silicone rubber products and room temperature vulcanization silicone rubber in the actual production has more than 100000 tons, respectively completely broke the foreign products occupying most of the domestic market, in terms of high temperature and room temperature glue also implements the technology and large quantities of export products. By the end of 2017, China's methyl monomer production capacity of 2. 7 million tons. For the pursuit of high quality development, in 2018 China's organic silicon industry is no new production capacity, the existing enterprise through measures such as technical renovation, bottlenecks, the national capacity to 3 million tons/year, the world's first, become a veritable organic silicon producer in China.
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