Top Ten Reasons to Buy a Natural Latex Mattress

by:Keyuan     2020-06-25
Latex mattresses are a natural, biodegradable renewable resource: starting from plantations in Malaysia and Indonesia, latex is squeezed out of rubber trees in a different way than collecting maple syrup.
Local workers harvest liquid latex and prepare for processing.
Liquid latex is then transported to some parts of Europe and the United States in the form of barrels, where it is made into mattress cores, uppers and pillows.
Unlike the latex foam processed by Talalay, natural latex does not add oil or other chemical additives to make it a real all-natural material.
Natural latex is a 100% renewable resource and biodegradable and, like other traditional bedding, has no tax on the environment. 2.
In bedding, natural latex provides support where it is most needed by shaping the natural nuances of the body: it reduces stress points, especially shoulders and hips, it allows for better circulation, reduce tossing.
The result is a deeper, more peaceful sleep. 3.
Natural latex is very conducive to the need for a custom mattress: available at all levels of hardness, making a mattress that meets personal needs is simple: his and her side bed, top bed, and so on.
Due to a variety of hardness changes, natural latex can help ensure that you are as comfortable as possible at the most important time.
Combining the open cell structure with the needle core design, maximum breathability can be obtained, which is a necessary condition to eliminate excess heat and moisture and can prevent good sleep. 4.
For those who struggle with allergies, natural latex provides a safe haven as it is naturally hypoallergenic and anti-allergic
Microorganisms: this means that mold, mold, and mites that may help trigger allergies will not wait for you in bed, where they may be the most frustrating. 5.
Natural latex is a natural elastic and durable material that will provide consistent performance for 20 years or more. 6.
The advantages of latex mattresses have been tried, tested and proven in Europe for decades: unlike today\'s massive new era of available sleep systems, latex mattresses have been tried and tested in Europe for more than 20 years.
They can withstand the test of time and provide comprehensive
Natural sleeping surfaces that fit the contours of the body have finally become popular in the United States. 7.
Other new age sleep systems cannot provide the same quality as natural latex: viscosity (memory)
The foam provides good support and relieves the pressure points, but there are deficiencies in other areas.
It is a chemical product that is non-biodegradable and therefore not eco-friendly.
It doesn\'t breathe like natural latex, which means that the sleeping environment is more stuffy and sticky.
Memory foam is easy to maintain moisture and is an environment that is prone to mites and mold, and during the most peaceful time of the day, allergic patients smell and clog.
The elasticity of the sticky foam is far less than that of natural latex, and its service life is only about 10 years, which means that it needs to be replaced twice: 8.
Air beds, such as sleep beds, offer much less support and pressure point relief compared to natural latex: they are not
Breathable bladder full of air, so they are unable to maintain moisture and heat at night.
The only advantage of this mattress is its adaptability, which is just an advantage for those who like different hardness. 9.
Innerspring mattress seems to have become the past compared to natural latex
They offer little of a lot of support and customization opportunities: frequent tossing is the result of pressure points caused by rigid spring systems.
The batting material on the cover cultivates any number of mites, molds and fungi, giving them a free range that can have a serious impact on allergies.
Exercise is easily passed through the mattress, reducing the quality of the couple\'s sleep.
It\'s clear why standards change. 10.
The independent cell structure of natural latex is not easy to transfer movement, allowing two people to share the same bed comfortably without interfering with each other because of each movement.
Natural latex provides excellent support and effectively relieves pressure points.
Couples can sleep well together without interruption.
It is a natural product that is harmless to the environment.
Its design is breathable, effectively maintaining the accumulation of heat and moisture, providing a minimum for a more comfortable sleep.
Finally, it is hypoallergenic and antimicrobial to keep allergic patients well rested.
It\'s easy to understand why natural latex is by far the best natural sleeping surface.
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