top 5 samsung vibrant accessories

by:Keyuan     2020-07-16
Screen protector ShieldIf you think the screen protector shield of Skinomi TechSkin is your typical screen protector and then consider it again. This is a one-of-a-
A physical protector made of thermoplastic polyurethane film.
This is the same material used on military aircraft and space shuttle, proving the durability of this product.
The material can resist wear and scratches, so this screen protector guarantees the ultimate protection of the Samsung Vibrant screen.
Despite the tenacity of the screen protector material, it is lightweight and does not add a noticeable weight to your device.
It\'s also easy to fall off and it doesn\'t leave any residue if the user decides to remove it.
This screen protector is one of Samsung\'s vibrant accessories that really deserve it.
The price is $9. 95.
Silicone jelly card case for your lightweight and durable case for Samsung?
Look at this case made of 100% high quality silicone.
This jelly case protects Samsung Vibrant from the usual bumps and bruises, keeping it shiny and shiny during the process.
The smooth silicone material allows the jelly case to provide a lasting and elegant grip on the phone, while minimizing the chance for the phone to slide on a flat surface.
There are also custom cuts
Allows users to access different functions of the phone without having to remove the out of the shell.
This extraordinary case costs $9. 36.
Accessory bundles are highly recommended to anyone who wants Samsung\'s vibrant accessories.
The kit includes a black horizontal leather case, a travel/home wall charger, a quick car charger, and a USB cable.
This efficient all
The packaged bundle basically meets all your needs for Samsung Vibrant.
Car Chargers allow users to connect at any time as they can plug their phones into cigarette lighter outlets and charge the device.
On the other hand, the home wall charger is perfect for home and office use.
The elegant horizontal leather slip bag also enables users to safely carry their equipment anywhere.
Finally, USB 2.
0 data charger can be used to connect the phone to the computer and can be used to easily transfer files such as ringtones, music and contacts from the computer to the phone.
The entire package is only $5. 26.
Rubber sense case this hard cover case is easily matched with Samsung\'s vibrant product thanks to its quick and simple Snap featureon design.
Samsung\'s dynamic users can fully protect their phones from bumps and bruises while bringing a whole new look to their devices.
The rubber case comes with an opening that allows the user to access the full functionality of the phone.
This $0 case makes your Samsung dynamic and elegant. 30.
Desktop stand with extra battery slot this desktop stand with extra battery slot allows the device to remain charged and available at any time.
This stand not only charges the device, but also syncs the phone and allows for a failure
Free data transfer.
This Samsung Vibrant accessory is finally perfect for home and office use.
The retail price of the table cradle is about $26. 99.
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