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by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Nowadays theory of silica gel products production process can be moulded vulcanization process, one of the most common way of making it simple, products of good quality and for mass production manufacturer is one of the most convenient process, and also can appear some common problems in our production process to deal with, for molding process is also a basic understanding, here are some molding process of a few key points, also can be in the future production of a way to get problem solved, we can understand from the following points: pressure, temperature, time, place, material, weight, to get to know! 1, molding machine pressure, refers to the shape of vulcanizing machine set pressure, through the pressure gauge and computer control, enough pressure to make the mould clamping, rubber complete pressure into the mold, and put an end to for vulcanized rubber produce trace amounts of water to produce bubbles, cooperate with the exhaust air bubbles can control products. Rubber hardness, poor liquidity, selection pressure is big, high pressure, easy to crush mold edge, the size of the pressure and mold related to the size and the shape of the mould is small, the pressure to reduce correspondingly, to prevent mold and vulcanizing press plate deformation. The vulcanizing machine pressure, maximum shall not exceed the maximum pressure of vulcanizing machine, otherwise there will be a machine damage, etc. An empty mould pressure ( Except for injection mould) , is to protect the mold edge, the effective measures to extend the die life. 2, the temperature of the machine, mold temperature: fixed formula, the temperature is the basis of familiar sulfide, temperature is not enough, can't afford to rubber response; Temperature is too high, the product brittle deformation; Silica gel is lower than 170 degrees, usually curing speed slow, time must be extended; Very fast temperature higher than 180 degrees, sulphur, high output, but it is easy to dirty, shiny, product deformation, smaller size, thin thickness, flash brittle, and so on and so forth. 3, molding, vulcanization time control of time is a silicone products manufacturer process is one of the most important, the duration of vulcanization directly affects the quality of the products. Curing time is short, products cooked through, large deformation, not easy to white, the product is not durable; Time is too long, the products produced sulfur phenomenon, strength, hardness, resulting in brittle or surface sticky; The relationship between temperature and time must be formulated in accordance with the thickness of the product and analysing, sulfide, thick products must use low temperatures over long periods of time if found enough time after the mold, the product not familiar sticky died on the mould, dig die, die hard to clean, should be to clamping sulfide, basically the material can be glued down. Forming one of the biggest problems is caused waste employees to adjust machine. 4, operating speed: refers to the sulfur chemical glue and take products operating speed. Rubber vulcanization is a chemical reaction, rubber starting on the mold heat will start sulfide, more than a mold cavity of products, from the first piece of rubber at the end of a piece of gum, the pendulum of time as short as possible, set the glue to clamping immediately, otherwise it's easy to have a dirty, rubber hot dead, flash thickness, deformation and other abnormalities. Pneumatic auxiliary products, with easy to blow the products come out, but will lower the temperature of the mold. Operation not skilled, the most vulnerable to low mold temperature is more and more products are not ripe, also stick mold, beginners the most vulnerable to this problem. Placed in the production smooth rubber sheet, rubber, clamping, and the speed of die had the greatest impact on the quality of smooth surface, why some cosmetic requirements strict product selection on the mould operation, the principle is one of the major is also here! 5, product placement problem: refers to the shape of the rubber preforming, can be a long, also can be small squares, can also be a circle surrounded. Rubber thickness, length, width, and products have to close, the closer it gets to the product shape rubber shape, material flow in the mould, the shorter the time flow, the shorter the distance of burrs is more thin, with the glue quantity is less, the higher qualification rate of products; 6, rubber weight: the weight of the rubber must be greater than the weight of the product, or it will lack of glue. But the burrs of rubber to put, the more products can be jumped over thick, size will be bigger. Rubber is directly related to the weight and shape of the rubber. How to use the least amount of rubber, with the most reasonable shape of the production and not lack of glue, is the embodiment of the molding technology level employees. The weight of the rubber is enough, but the length is longer than the mold, also can appear the lack of glue, the shape and the weight of the rubber are appropriate, but put a wide, thin and thick will happen, serious when still can appear while lack of glue and flash thickness problem. Shape of the appropriate, total weight, right but cut thickness uneven width, or the glue is not uniform, can cause lack of glue. When there is lack of rubber products, don't worry aggravating rubber, should first take encompasses the full mould burrs, check the weight, then look at the product thickness is uniform, the final decision whether to feed. Forming the captain of the technology and experience is important! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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