To steal to sell 2 truck driver two years. 5 tons of waste silica gel

by:Keyuan     2020-09-26
All say Japan against domesticthief difficult night, media reports said the sichuan a silica gel products factory (a manager Alias Lao wang) Look up to their factory waste rubber continues to decline, since 15 years has been continuously reduce has ignored the two years, in March this year the rubber of waste room suddenly feel a lot less know now began to perceive, rubber in constant prices is known to all, so just also sustained rise in the price of waste, the first thought is the thief outside while on vacation time secretly steal and strengthened the management consciousness, but increased the window, door lock after reinforcement has continued to reduce, then pharaoh secretly installed cameras to the truck turned out to be their factory in handling waste, secretly stopped after more than 20 kilograms of waste by Lao wang on the truck toolbox. The truth check and will be the driver a pseudonym ( O strong) Sent to the police station, according to the strong mouth while no one around, standing on the top of the truck, with a pair of harrows, will in storage compartment of waste silicone hook out, then simply jump into the compartment, the waste silicone bags thrown out of the walls, secretly took two consecutive years, started just a bag of a bag, and no one behind the perceived began to cross the much more, claiming to know the price of the silicone rubber in WuLiuQian yuan a ton, then played a crooked brains, sold a total of 2 two years time. 5 tons, in 2015 the price of waste is relatively high, but now waste has reached more than ten thousand a tonne, so silicone rubber is more expensive, it shall timely management of recycling, in order to prevent theft and destroyed. O the local court sentenced fixed-term imprisonment for ten months, $3000 fine. Xiamen silicone products factory - Silicone rubber products co. , LTD. ( )
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