To see the Japanese how to use the silicone seal!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-27
To tell the truth in the real life, most people's attitude to the Japanese had been scandalized, they always gave us deep impression, more treacherous, tiny, silent oligonucleotides, looking at is more rigid, an external definition out their real life, but the Japanese all sorts of things are more popular, from the industrial to electronic and automotive and other industries in recent years the progress of the can see come out, no matter the car, house, electrons are cow X, how don't say, take a look at other people's products you know, next is the silica gel products they brought convenience for a lot of people! Rice boxes, boxes of items I think many people know, convenient many large supermarkets have in our country, but they are far better than us from the design, such as our common box not to sealing performance requirement, use plastic or wooden to combine can switch freely was good, completely ignored in products that need to be sealed to maintain, but these guys learned the sealing and convenient, the box is usually divided into some open way, no matter how small the space around before and after can open, completely avoids the phenomenon of wouldn't open. And most importantly they will food-grade silicone seal design the size of the corresponding fixed up the packing gland, keep the flexibility of silicone and close to the sealing of the internal in with some liquid or easy to mildew food can have very good protection effect, everyone knows the silicone seal products role is very big, in any industry and field use, but maybe you don't think in a security a silica gel ring on the box it may increase the effect of many. So said the Japanese people really let us very, but at work, and in the design of life there are many worth us to learn, not just the silicone seal used on the box, in a lot of electronic products and daily necessities, ornaments and so on have different thinking and the difference between above, a lot of people said they one track-minded, but the problem is to do a thing well under the premise of must be one track-minded, so Japan is small and it is the world's great powers that is why they are in, in addition to smart, in our country on the market a lot of '' Japan imports' banner of silica gel products, producing area is China, and then they sell the export to the Japanese in our country, it can look out of their minds, have been one of the white Wolf tactics! Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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