To paraphrase what process color silicone cell phone?

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
Life of different colour will give us add a good mood, different color products will give us the pleasure of difference, for example, we play beautiful fashion, such as we are silicone products, colorful, and at this time of electronics science and technology, a beautiful twinkling silicone mobile phone sets can always cause a lot of people in various occasions, so many suppliers for silicone products in various color products to strengthen the research and development, and now is curious about silicone rubber products division to understand whether you its color, color separation and how to do it? Silicone products manufacturer recently received a customer, we do need to let mobile phone protection to sound sb out whether can do three or 4 color of the product or multi-color products, therefore recommends two kinds of process to him, see how to choose. Multi-color molding process: multi-color molding process for the manufacturers to do several mixed color of a single process, in the rubber mixing silicone products manufacturer ok after several different colors of the products have been sulfide, in the secondary sulfide product, we often call this the color swatches of color matching, this process is mainly aimed at concave and convex have type of products, make product above are color difference between concave and convex type installed on both sides, this technology application place more in household items, kitchen utensils, silicone accessories, etc. Production steps more troublesome, but look more elegant appearance which molding process: this process is now widely used in the silicone products referred to as 'drops of gel process, in a few years ago some of this technology is widely applied to the plastic material, metal material, silicone buttons and so on, as the technology continues to expand, now a lot of silicone products manufacturers are using this technology, a layer of design for the surface of the product a bit, can make any design, generally USES the crystal drops of glue, a kind of environmental protection type AB glue, high hardness, low viscosity in adding color ( Toner, ink, pigments, and flash powder, transparent and bright) Etc. Decorative color with material in the midst of silica gel products as long as the product is sufficiently large to make thousands of colors are not problems, but the glue process after surface treatment adopt high-end materials, the raw materials used for a period of time will be from the phenomenon. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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