Tinder and Grindr-connected sex toys may soon become a real thing

by:Keyuan     2020-07-24
Matches made on \"hook\" apps like Tinder and Grindr usually appear in the bedroom.
But now, before meeting a date object in real life, you may jump between the sheet and the date object because someone has developed an asex toy designed to be wirelessly controlled by other dating app users
Ohmibot, USA, has launched a digital connection vibrator in the sex toy market, but now the company is inviting app creators to incorporate its technology into their dating platform.
This innovative fun toy uses Bluetooth technology, and users can give control of its functions to other Internet users.
This will be the first of its kind to open source for developers.
\"Imagine the possibility: whether you\'re a game developer or a dating platform, you can integrate ohmibodsdk to add a whole new dimension to your user experience, the company wrote on its website, the site currently requires developers to work with their innovative projects.
There are a lot of innovative ways to use this technology, but ohmibot believes that the emergence of smart sex toys like this may completely change the world of online dating.
\"Imagine you\'re on the dating app, talking to a potential partner --
They are \"supported by omb \"(e. g.
Ohmibot founder Suki Dunham told TechCrunch that the pink dots on the screen indicate that the user is in an \"active\" state, just like Facebook Messenger.
\"If they are active, it means they are connected to our blue emotions.
\"In a chat or video session, the partner can accept incoming requests to control the vibrator. ”The in-
App vibrator is part of the company\'s range of smart sex toys trademarks that allow remote users to connect, such as wearable BlueMotion NEX 1, it is designed to receive good vibration from the companion app when worn and walking around.
Cheese delivery service, season 5 of the House of Cards and now-demand orgasms.
Just another reason not to leave the house in 2017.
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