Three properties of silica gel, elasticity, viscosity, tensile strength

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Talk about three properties of silica gel, elasticity, viscosity, tensile strength, as well as the superiority and the applicable scope. The most valuable characteristics of silicone is elastic. High elastic from molecular motion, completely caused by silicon molecular conformational change. Can immediately after removal of external force, the force is called ideal elastic body. Molecular interactions between silicon will hinder the movement of the molecular chain segment, showed that the viscosity and viscosity. The performance of silicone rubber is elastic and sticky. Factors affecting elasticity in size, time, temperature, etc are visible. When silicone intermolecular interactions increase and the regularity of molecular chain is high, can easily increase tensile strength, it shows that high elasticity. The flexibility of silicone related to the crosslinking density. With the increase of density, increase the elasticity of the vulcanizates, the maximum. The most direct and effective way to increase the elasticity is appropriate content increasing degree of fluidization and rubber. Breaking elongation rate ( Elongation) Related to the tensile strength. Only has high tensile strength, and ensure its not damaged in the process of deformation and higher elongation can be attained. In general, with the increase of constant tension stress and hardness, fracture elongation decreases, and elasticity, small permanent deformation, rupture elongation. Tensile elongation of different glue. Natural rubber of rubber content is more than 80%, the elongation at break of up to 1000%. Easy to plastic flow of silicone rubber during deformation has higher elongation. Such as butyl rubber. With the increase of crosslink density, elongation at break decreased. High elongation of the product manufacturing, vulcanization degree should not be too high, can be slightly lower than sulfur or reducing the amount of curing agent. Increase the amount of filler will reduce the elongation at break. Strengthening agent structure is higher, the lower the elongation at break, by adding the amount of softener can obtain the bigger the elongation at break.
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