Three minutes to understand custom silicone buttons process

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
Silicone buttons is a kind of silica gel as the raw material of button is made of silicone products, silicone buttons not only have good resilience, and mechanical strength, electrical insulation properties, resistance to high and low moderate weathering, able to withstand repeated millions of times press, are widely used in the digital home appliance, aerospace, automotive electronics, military industry equipment, medical equipment and other fields. At the time of custom buttons we not only should consider the keys according to the size of stress, structure, press stroke, pervious to light effect, whether the conductive, feel, etc. , based on the silicone key factory process, custom solutions, choose the suitable for our buttons to avoid produce does not conform to requirements of the key. 1, design review custom silicone buttons need according to the customer to provide 3 d drawings or samples to switch to the engineering audit, approved product mould and die line as well as the degree of production process; If the customer cannot provide proof. Rubber can cooperate customers complete button design and drawings. 2, open mold proofing samples according to the actual needs of customers to open mold proofing, to determine customer have received our sample meets the requirements, after being signed by CNC machine tool programming development big goods production of large size mold silicone buttons. 3, the material production according to customer demand to silicone key ingredients needed for production release agent, conductive particles, sliced the raw materials mixing toning after weighing. 4, vulcanization molding in the process of key molding process, through the conductive black grain and already sliced weighing silicone raw materials into the mould, after take off the film after the right temperature vulcanization forming; Secondary sulfide can according to customer requirements, its function is through the secondary sulfide removing silica gel inside vulcanizing agent to improve the key performance. 5, surface process surface process including silicone buttons, button drop rubber, printing characters, P + R, radium vulture pervious to light, etc. , can customize according to customer demand design character color, surface treatment by spray hot oil to prevent dust sticky after key surface ascending feel comfort. 6, dismantle the product checking open while is redundant silicone buttons flash edge is handled by devices or artificial tear open, make it tidy and beautiful finished product key, and then checked by the keys to quality control, quality inspection content includes key appearance size, back stretch, hardness, color difference, frequency, press the button surface effect, etc. ; Only through quality management department personnel detection can packaged goods to the customer.
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