Three minutes take you understand the strength of the silicone buttons and craft

by:Keyuan     2020-12-05
In life we often come into contact with all kinds of electronic equipment, which brings great convenience to our life and work, such as air conditioning remote control TV, children's learning machine, POS fever, electronic entrance guard, test equipment, etc. , can use the silicone buttons as control the use and operation of various kinds of electronic equipment. This article will introduce the silicone buttons surface process and its effect is introduced, together to get to know ~ surface process introduced silicone buttons surface according to the customer's demand is different, divided into many working procedure, such as the back surface spraying, printing, thermal transfer, water transfer printing, the surface glue, the laser carving, carved carved concave convex, P + R, etc; Now button mainstream technology of the big four are screen printing process, the drops of glue, radium vulture and injection process. Silk screen printing process: buttons into the printed surface and bottom, seal surface is through the character screen printing on the surface the keys, and low printing is the character screen printing on the back of the transparent button; Injection process: key injection effect is to enhance the feel and the wear-resisting performance, the second surface dirt can stop buttons, effectively avoid the accumulation of dust; Glue process: by epoxy resin and curing agent mixture solidified transparent crystal outfit; Can have very good protection effect on the surface of a button, at the same time can play the role of decoration; Laser carving craft: jet black ink on the surface of a button, and then use laser engraving on the keys the customer need character pattern, the keys to good pervious to light after the laser carving effect. Key efforts to introduce silicone buttons feel good or bad is determined by three elements, they are: operating strength, resilience, and stroke, in general, touch the better, the smaller the restoring force, but there will be a key issue, instead increase resilience, tactility is dropped. Therefore, usually use tactile ratio to measure the relationship between resilience and tactility. Tactile ratio can use the following formula: touch ratio = ( Operating force - contact force) / operating work force is introduced: it is the operator of buttons the force applied, the force will result in the inclined wall bending! Inclined wall bending will provide power for key return! Restoring force is introduced: i. e. keys required for recovery in situ, restoring force than the normal contact force small 10 g! Contact force is introduced: it is the magnitude of the contact between the conductive black grain and PCB! Stroke is introduced: refers to the button of conductive black grain and the distance between the PCB is the strength of the silicone button above and surface technology, has ten years experience in production of silicone buttons, has a wealth of experience in key custom, not only has a long-term cooperation customers large buttons, and we continue to upgrade the key production equipment and technology. If you want to learn more keys or have a custom demand information, please contact: foshan rubber products co. , LTD
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