Three conclusions obtained silica gel products factory production quality problem!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-24
In organic silicon mould pressing craft adopted by high temperature solid silicone rubber industry manufacturers in the majority of products on the market, because the product USES the high temperature vulcanization molding mould, can develop holes for mass-produced reduce more time to earn a reasonable profit, but in the forming process of product series problems nor ignore the problem about the quality of the products has some problems, also for consumers to buy the product there is no accurate solution, such as some common yellowing phenomenon, insufficient toughness, etc. , silicone products manufacturer summarized the phenomenon of production when the total for your reference. One, the production process problems, lead to air bubble products during production, the dark grain or transparent yellow and so on phenomenon is a common phenomenon in the silicone products manufacturer, these problems will think of the mould and vulcanization technique, in the aspect of mould temperature has failed to meet the demands of the specified products, local products are not ripe, appear even the color or yellowing phenomenon, the surface of the mold core has defects or invisible to the naked eye of concave and convex mouth cause products are package wind and deformation is more serious, so as far as possible when production mold temperature, the pressure of the machine, vulcanization time reduce the bad phenomena of the product. Second, the vulcanizing agent problem, vulcanizing agent is divided into high temperature curing agent and low temperature curing agent, both with different benefits, high temperature curing agent with raw materials for the product stripper is faster when producing, product is quick and efficient and the mold product better resistance to yellow, commonly used in some yellow product requirements higher resistance products use, and the price of the high temperature vulcanizing agent too expensive. But ordinary vulcanizing agent also is a kind of mixture, we commonly used for industrial parts and seal damping products use more the price is relatively cheap, different hardness of products can select different vulcanization agent production, so for reasonable choice when producing vulcanizing agent! Three, raw material, solid silicone rubber raw material material choose different make tensile strength toughness of the products, some products must be made of high tensile material otherwise ordinary raw materials do not out of the product, making products more brittle or directly are not ripe, etc. , and some products must be made of food grade silicone rubber raw material or product may smell problem for a long time, such as supplies of some long-term exposure to the human body must be used to the food grade silica gel products. But for the silicone products manufacturer with these three points must properly can make the best products, many problems are basically out of the above three aspects of all these points. Xiamen silicone products manufacturer - Silica gel products co. , LTD. ( )
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