This paper analyzes the reasons of poor tensile strength of the mold silicone make appear

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Mold silicone with high temperature resistance, good tensile, rolling over more, repeated use the advanced features and silica gel products factory number of love! But some manufacturer in producing mold silicone in order to make the silicone more simple operation, a large amount of silicone oil is added in the silica gel! As we all know, the molecular weight of silicone oil can damage the silica gel, silica gel viscosity decreased, makes the silica gel becomes more soft, operating more simple, after all the silicon mold present tension in the production of poor! Rolling over less! Mold silicone rolling over few times what factors? Foshan silicone products factory analysis is as follows: the first point we already talked on, because the elements of silicone oil to add too much, the second point for using the silicon mold hardness small building with goods, because the silicone is too soft, the inadequate function is not strong, eventually cause tensile and tear strength decreased, produce deformation of mould is simple, to the decreased frequency of rolling over! Some markings are complex and small goods, because the silica gel hard time is too long will be very fragile. Easy break, with high hardness of the silicone mold cavity same turn will decline the mold silicone mold number! As to solve the problem of fewer mold silicone turn mould we need only around the use of suitable hardness silicone production mold concept can! Foshan silicone products factory address:
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