These silicon rubber products recommended, there is always a small silicone accessories is you like

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
For deeply loves the life of people, they can always find a variety of novel and fun experience of silica gel products, as a fan of silica gel, silicone rubber products recommend today, the choice of the three people daily necessities of life. Sure after you understand the idea of having to buy. Silicone material to produce key chain after staining, can be directly placed on water scrub, can easily restore clean. Because the silicone material relatively stable chemical properties, silicone key chain and other plastic key chain, can be used for longer periods of time. And silica gel has the characteristics of environmental protection, non-toxic, tasteless, very suitable for as a gift for him, She) 。 And after the post-processing technology, the key surface is smooth, feel is very good, in hand really reluctant to let go. Silicone strap certainly has its congenital advantage, through vulcanization strap for the cause to have more than leather products excellent wear resistance and moisture characteristics, have the spirit of the design scheme of ductility, and can with watches watchcase perfect collocation, it is still light comfortable to wear. Second, silicone material strap color is rich, the wearer of support is not the same color preference. Finally, because the vulcanization silicone thoroughly moistureproof, so want to use in deep submergence and activity, has excellent characteristics in anti-perspirant waterproof. The silicone folding cups is a convenient, health, environmental protection, luggage cup of collapsible deformation characteristics. Suction cup body design inspiration comes from the milk tea, can be short can be long, inner chamber adjacent to each section of middle to upper and lower moving cone to cooperate with each other, according to the surface of the external thread turning to push on the inner cavity, telescopic do under the cup slip deformation. Well, in addition to the above recommended three silicone products, there are a lot of life common accessories, accessories can be silicone material production of the product. Cheap, good quality, and design more elegant, can add so much joy to life and color.
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