Thermal conductive silicone piece how to choose

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
What the thermal conductive silicone piece how to pick, foshan rubber factory solve this question for you: usually before the selection of thermal conductive silicone piece, should have to think: electronic product structure, thermal conductivity, dimensions, thickness, thermal resistance and the function of the expected arrival, etc. Select thermal conductive silicone material note: 1. Product structure design choices at the beginning of the electronic product structure design should consider thermal conductive silicone piece can be incorporated into the design topic, at the request of the different and using environment, heat dissipation scheme is different, should be combined with the actual situation, choose the optimal cooling scheme, design reasonable heat dissipation structure, maximize the thermal conductive silicone piece of action. 2. The selection of the silicone piece of coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductivity coefficient of thermal conductivity, a see you expect to achieve the effect of, another look at heat size, power consumption and heat sink or heat dissipation structure design can heat dissipation of heat. Choose the coefficient of thermal conductivity of thermal conductive silicone pieces according to their needs. Low cost is relatively low thermal conductivity, high coefficient of thermal conductivity of the effect is good, cost is high. 3. The thickness of thermal conductive silicon sheet thickness selection should consider the electronic product itself using cooling scheme, if such cooling is to choose the heat dissipation structure, need to consider the heat dissipation structure in contact surface morphological structure, in the design of the structure and thermal conductivity of silicon sheet thickness choice for balance. Thickness selection and product parameters, such as hardness, density, compression ratio. 4. Thermal conductive silicone piece size selection of thermal conductivity silica gel piece size is in the best way to cover the heat source. Breakdown voltage, resistance, surface resistivity etc, to meet the conditions. Recommended products: environmental thermal conductive silicon sheet from the original:
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