Thermal conductive silicone piece

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Thermal conductive silicone, on the name of it, is the silicone material, have heat conduction effect of a kind of goods. Do you know about thermal conductive silicone piece? Baoan and silica gel factory together to meet thermal conductive silicone piece! ! ! ! Thermal conductive silicone piece on silica gel as the backing material, adding metal oxide and other auxiliary materials, through special process synthesis of a heat conduction medium material, such as insulation, shock absorption, sealing effect, widely used in the LED industry USES, power industry, communications industry, the set-top box DC - DC between IC and casing thermal radiator, auto electronics industry, the PDP/LED TV, home appliance industry, etc. , is a kind of excellent thermal conductive filler material. Thermal conductive silicone is a kind of excellent thermal conductive filler material, can rise the function such as heat dissipation, but in the process of purchasing thermal conductive silicone pieces, Suggestions according to the actual situation to choose when purchasing thermal conductive silicone film, such as, select thermal conductive silicone piece is too large will not is good for heat dissipation improvement, hardness too bad installation and so on. How should choose and thermal conductive silicone? 1. Size: the thermal conductivity of silica gel to be able to cover the heat source, the choose and buy, not covering the radiator or contact surface heat dissipation structure. 2. Hardness: the smaller thermal conductivity silica gel tablet hardness, better application to contact, high hardness, more convenient to install. 3. Insulation: thermal conductive silicone material properties with conductive insulating properties for itself, by the reason of the silicone material is not easy to cause wear and tear or breakage under the compression state. 4. Damping sound-absorbing: thermal conductive silicone piece of silica gel carrier determines there will be a very good elasticity and compression ratio, which has good cushioning effect, and then adjust the density and hardness can produce the low frequency electromagnetic noise have very good absorption effect. 5. Coefficient of thermal conductivity, thermal conductivity silicone selectivity in terms of coefficient of thermal conductivity is bigger, can be from 0. 8w/k. m - - - - 6. 0w/k. M above, performance is stable, can use for a long time the baoan silicone manufacturer specializing in the production of all kinds of silicone products, there are medical grade silicone, food-grade silicone, silicone pad, silicone mold and so on, welcome customers to come to the advisory order.
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