The use of the neoprene and matters needing attention

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Neoprene is composed of chloroprene polymer trade name. Neoprene has good weatherability and petroleum base lubricant, wide temperature range and good economy. Neoprene is usually used as a fly fishing materials, because it provides very good thermal insulation. Recently, neoprene has become a way of life and other household act the role ofing is tasted a favorite of the materials, including laptops, tablet PC support, remote control, mouse pads and bicycle suede. In this market, it is sometimes with LRPu ( Low resilience polyurethane) Competition, which is a more solid ( Impact resistance stronger) But use less material. A single temperature range for the use of neoprene compounds From 65 to + 212 degrees Fahrenheit, including some compound preparation used for low temperature. Neoprene alkali resistance, acid resistance, flame retardant, suitable for petroleum base oil. Animal and vegetable fats and oils also provides the polymer with highly stable environment. In general, neoprene has good compression deformation, excellent resistance to bending fatigue resistance and weather resistance and ozone resistance. Its superior adhesion of metal to make neoprene metal insert molding ideal choice, is suitable for heating, ventilation and air conditioning ( HVAC) System, refrigeration equipment and many dynamic applications. Neoprene in aromatic solvent and oxygen environment is invalid. Neoprene in the presence of some fairly common chemical degradation, including hydrochloric acid, acetone, xylene, acetic acid and aqua regia, boric acid, liquid butane, hydrogen peroxide, iodine, kerosene, paint, lard oil, engine oil, nitric acid, palm oil, tallow, turpentine, urine and most of the chlorine based chemicals, including household bleach. Rubber products is a leading seal and o-ring, o-ring and seals for all industrial applications. We offer many parts on the day of the delivery and quality inspection for each order, so you will know your key parts specifications for your application. Immediately rubber products, to understand how we can solve your seal challenge.
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