The use of silicone release agent products manufacturer considerations and methods

by:Keyuan     2020-09-23
Now silicone products in the production process, we will be adhering to die product is dirty, so the hard to avoid in the production, we will clean the mold, and sticky mold phenomenon is inevitable, so we in the production water will use the stripping, if we do not use mold release water in the process of production is likely to lead to forming machine with scrap, can lead to poor production at the time of the second product, so how to deal with stripping, silica gel products show you details about it. First release agent is sure to be used, and a lot of silicone products manufacturer using silicone release agent has good heat resistance and surface tension, so in the production process in the spray can be used multiple times and a lot of silicone rubber material can be release, in general, the first product is water can play a stripping, if do not have what problem can continue to use several hours to play, release agent also points the stand or fall of quality, now the silicone manufacturers are using silicone oil release agent, the silicone release agent for molding production is mainly characterized by, the mould will not corrosion, make the product surface is smooth, does not affect the back of the processing procedures, demoulding effect is very good also, the use of less dosage, cost price is not high also, so a lot of silicone products manufacturers have chosen to use silicone release agent!
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