the use of silica powder

by:Keyuan     2020-06-13
Silicon powder is an important raw material for polysilicon production.
Silicon powder reacts with hydrogen chloride without water in a fluidized bed reactor.
It produces silicon trichloride.
After further purification, Sihl3 is reduced and deposited into polysilicon in hydrogen.
Polysilicon is the main raw material for solar cells in photovoltaic industry.
In recent years, with the continuous shortage of global energy, the development of solar energy has become the focus of the world energy strategy.
With the development of photovoltaic industry, the price of polysilicon raw materials is also growing rapidly.
Promote the market demand for polysilicon.
There is a silica powder for the donor.
The metal powder supplier has made a good profit.
The production capacity of silicon powder in China is about 250,000 tons.
Mainly silicon powder.
Silicon powder with high purity and fine particle size depends heavily on imports.
China\'s demand for supermarkets
The fine silicon powder will reach 60,000 tons in 2012.
Among them, the rubber industry is the largest user, and the important thing in the paint industry is to have great application potential,
Base material and electrical electronic pouring material with imported high purity and ultra-fine silicon powder as raw materials, only the price of ordinary spherical silicon powder-
3 yuan/ton, while the price of high purity and ultra-fine silicon powder is as high as several hundred yuan/ton.
Silicon powder is made of advanced ultra-pure quartz powder.
Fine Grinding process is an inorganic non-material with an extremely wide range of applications.
Metal materials are widely used in optical glass, Electronic Packaging, electrical insulation, high
Production of high-grade ceramics, paint coatings, precision casting silicone rubber, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, electronic components and ultra-large scale integrated circuits, mobile communications, portable computers, aerospace and other fields.
Micro-silicon is still an important raw material for the production of polysilicon.
Ultra-fine silica powder has the features of small particle size, large specific surface area, high chemical purity and good dispersion performance.
Its superior stability, enhancement, thickening and touch change have been widely used in rubber, paint, pharmaceutical, paper making and other fields, and its related industries have developed new material bases and technologies, ensure the reputation of MSG industry, material science.
Since its establishment, it has become the most adaptable to the Times and the fastest --
It is one of the times of material science today.
In recent years, developed countries have taken high-performance and high-value-added fine inorganic materials as the focus of the development of new materials in the new century. the computer market, network IT and CPU are getting bigger and bigger.
The computing speed becomes faster.
And more and more home computers and Internet users, computer and network technology is also developing. with the technical support of the micro-electronics industry, the rapid development of p iii and p iv processors has been obtained, and broadband is high.
Capacity transmission network cannot be separated from large-scale, ultra-
Large scale integrated circuit hardware.
With the rapid development of micro-electronics industry
The packaging materials of large-scale and ultra-large-scale integrated circuits are getting higher and higher.
Not only ultra-fine silicon powder is needed on the market.
High purity and low content of radioactive elements are also required.
In particular, there are spherical requirements for particle shape.
Because of its superior properties such as high dielectric constant, high heat, high humidity, high filler content, low thermal expansion, low stress, low impurities and low friction coefficient, high purity fused spherical quartz powder has become an indispensable material in integrated circuit substrates and packaging compounds.
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