The understanding of the organic silicone materials a: dimethyl silicone oil!

by:Keyuan     2020-09-19
Silica gel products kinds of raw material of organic silicon industry accounted for a variety of, their distribution in different function and effect of the silicone oil is a kind of many industries use more, it mainly apply to the action of the soft smooth sex, different products to provide good heat resistance, defoaming, carrier, lubrication, toughness, and so on, it besides has an important material in the midst of the silicone products, also in other industries as slightly! 1, what is dimethyl silicone oil 201 methyl silicone oil of a novel silicone synthetic material. Appearance is colorless transparent oily liquid. Its chemical composition is linear poly (methyl siloxane, structural formula is: due to the stability of the silica keys and methyl hydrophobic, and the structure features of the methyl siloxane fit together to make silicone fluid has good heat resistance. Light, less volatile, small coefficient of viscosity, flash point and compression strength, surface tension asked the little, chemical, electricity, Insulation) Sex is good, and resistance to water moisture, to living organisms ( Including humans) Took place. In order to make the silicone fluid in other form a thin film surfaces or made into rubber solid matter, can use the high temperature ( 250 - 300℃) Heating or add appropriate catalyst ( General use peroxide) Curing processing. The use of silicone fluid temperature range of 50 - 180℃。 Different methyl silicone oil viscosity, their physical and chemical properties and parameters have some differences. The product with the size and viscosity of points, 201 - 10, 201 - 50, 201 - , 201-100 , 201-350 , 201-500 , 201-800 Wait for a variety of grades of 1000. Can also according to customer requirements, make other special viscosity specifications of organic silicone products. 1 2, application range, in electrical and electronic industry, such as heat resistance, arc resistance, corrosion resistance, resistance to moisture insulating medium. 2, in the chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial departments as excellent heating medium. 3, in synthetic resin, oil processing, manufacturing, food and fermentation, papermaking process, such as high defoaming agent. 4, in precision machinery and instrument used to shock, damping, lubrication, force, etc. 5, in plastic products and silicone rubber products processing, and food production for high temperature stripping agent. 6, in the glass, ceramic, metal, leather, fabrics, silk, and cement products material, such as surface treatment agent, in order to achieve enhanced, drainage smooth corrosion, mildew, etc. 7, in the paint, oil, cosmetics and other works as additive, in order to improve the flow properties, such as flat and smooth. 8, on health care, such as surgery, wound, injection processing, blood storage and oral medications, etc. , has many USES. 3, 4, 1 need to pay attention to technical indicators, when heated, methyl silicone oil in contact with acid or alkali has certain damage, methyl silicone oil in higher than 200 ℃ is exposed to air, can happen oxidation precipitation corrosive such as formaldehyde low boiling, methyl silicone oil, although not spontaneous combustion under average temperature, but the burning point ( 450℃- 500℃) Or contact cause burning, make the space diffuses a lot of cotton quality of silica ( When a fire, can use a wet sack on the sand or pressure out) 。 If 2, methyl silicone oil packing storage is good, can never metamorphism ( Storage period is 5 years, within the time limit can be on reinspection, found no bad, can continue to name) 。
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