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one ]
June, or the machine \"Quemo. Quemo.
Quemo, quemo, quemo. Quemo. QUE-mo!
The most important thing stagielo learned on the first day of elBulli was the word: quemo.
It literally means \"I burned \".
However, people who do not speak Spanish do not know this, so when they say the word in the early days before this strange word becomes reflective, it has a problem, it seems, people often form in their own language: Kaimoh? QuÉmeau?
In the restaurant, quemo is
Purpose warning: walk up behind you, Hot Stuff, watch out for your back.
There is no room for change in this kitchen, where there is 40-
Five chefs, stage designers and dishwashers from different countries are constantly moving, so one sentence must carry a variety of cautious burdens.
If you listen carefully, you will hear it in a larger background, and more obviously, Thermomix whirring and coconut are broken, the order is lit, the bone marrow is sawed, occasionally the plate fell to the floor.
It\'s always there, like a circular soundtrack, which is a steady chorus of quemos.
Chefs should say a word on the dangerous corner between the kitchenette and the main kitchen, or through the portal that separates the heat station from the cold station --
Alarm on blind curve
However, when they go through any crowded area in the kitchen, some people repeat this and announce each step in a rhythm --
\"QUEmoQUEmoQUEmo \"-
So the word becomes a spell against accidental collisions and other disasters.
It\'s true that it produces a boy\'s thing. who-cried-
Wolf situation: how do you know when it\'s really hot?
To this end, the kitchen spontaneously designed a variety of things: quemo mucho, when the chef took a hot pot from flattop and turned around to empty the contents at his station --
In other words, when it\'s really hot.
Except when it\'s not.
Cold station chef Aitor Zabala said in taking a plate of pond, \"Quemo mucho\", the exquisite glass bowl ice will be one of the best dishes of the year, and transfer them from one refrigerator to another.
In other words, he says that \"Quemo mucho\" is not when he burns much, but when he freezes.
Other changes are more reliable: quemo maáximo is used to hold boiling oil and other substances that may damage the image.
This is elBulli, who, as two chefs, appears warning quemo nitro at least twice a day
Protective goggles tied to their heads, a cloud of smoke floating behind them
Transport a tank of liquid nitrogen back to the cold station.
Quemo also has a personal variant of it.
Katie Barton never completely lost the tone of complaint on the first day;
Quemo is always a problem for her.
Luke Zhang puts the accent on the second syllable, which, as he did, makes his version look faster and more effective.
For Luis Arrufat, quemo is a personal manifesto, a rant I have here!
As if he were the main character of the musical, he had already taken to the stage, raised his chest and still felt the need to signal that he was about to start singing.
Cooking master Edward Satu and Oreo Castro escaped without saying anything at all;
This is a sign of their authority, and they can assume that anyone they may collide with will say it first.
When they use the word, it carries an obvious preaching tone, as if to say, \"remember?
That\'s what you should do.
Of course, Ferrand does not have to say \"Quemo\" either, but he often says so, with his hand quick flick, it has his own meaning: will you stop me, please?
Words learned by the World Federation of permanent personnel, too: oído, or \"hear.
In the way that someone who speaks English says \"Roger\", oido is an acknowledgment that you have heard what this person is saying.
At elBulli, when you are chef de partie, you say \"oido\" and the person who is speeding up has just called an order from your Station --
You acknowledge that you have heard this request and you have already started to work on it.
But since oidor is a level index
You only say to the people above you
Stagivel says there are more words than anyone else.
After all, they are doing the heavy work of the restaurant.
Clean schmutz from rabbit ears, fry it into something similar to potato chips, cut the tuna Thorn, release translucent bone marrow spots, and turn dozens of rhubarb into something similar to sea cucumbers.
When a stage actor receives guidance or criticism (
We need more ears.
What do you call sea cucumber?
Fucking zucchini! )
They should answer with \"oido --
I heard it. I got it. I\'m on it.
Sometimes Ferran makes suggestions to the team and then, like a very kind instructor and his \"I can\'t hear you!
Will you ask, \"oidor, corsina?
In this case, stagihull will respond with their own powerful \"oido!
\"But often the word is spoken by a person who has a different view of enthusiasm or resentment to show that he understands what the next task is.
Although many of them have cooked in important restaurants around the world --
Tetsuya\'s, noma, French Laundry, Alain Dukas-the thirty-
Two stage designers in ElBulli\'s kitchen are now on the ground floor of one of the world\'s most famous restaurants.
There\'s always something else to do at the bottom.
A table at ElBulli is the holy grail booked by food lovers around the world, but for young, ambitious chefs, this is a more ideal stage.
About 3,000 of people apply for a six-month stage performance every year.
Technically, the word means \"intern\" or \"Apprentice\", but it means \"kitchen slave \"--
Above its stove.
The restaurant is highly valued and also has the opportunity to be guided by Adria and his chefs, which explains why apprentices travel at their own expense, from Seoul, Bologna, Los Angeles to Caracas, then to the Rose town on the coast of Brava, Spain.
That\'s why they agreed to work 14 hours in a row in exchange for a meal a day, a bed in an unattractive apartment, and no pay at all.
That\'s why they were almost stationary for those seven hours, their feet were planted on the central counter, squeezing germs from thousands of corn kernels, or trimming mucus on anemones.
If they have spent six months opening elBulli, they can say they have worked in the best restaurants in the world.
Luca Balboni, one of Italy\'s three leading stage actors, said: \"The stage at El Bulli is like baptism.
You are not a true Christian without it.
Not long ago, however, a stage in Spain was more of a communication.
\"It\'s like saying you\'re going to train in Turkey or somewhere else,\" says Dan Barber, a chef at Blue Mountain Restaurant in New York . \".
\"It\'s fun from a ethnographic point of view, but it means you\'re not serious about the food.
\"In fact, Spanish food has little reputation until its 1980 s;
When expats such as Gerry DAOs and Janet Mendel began writing the article, they had to convince skeptics that Spanish food was more popular than seafood and Spanish cold dishes.
Spain is now the most exciting and admirable place for students who study cooking seriously, the result of the efforts of dozens of innovative chefs and hundreds of outstanding producers.
But from its origins, this phenomenon is almost entirely caused by Ferran Adria.
This stage is a remnant of the European medieval guild.
In fact, it is older than the restaurant itself, and its traditional form is more similar to an industry that young people voluntarily join in to learn to print books than anything you see in top chefs.
Nowadays, formal apprenticeship is no longer mandatory for an ambitious chef, and the modernization of the stage is usually an internship arranged by his cooking school --
All the abuse
Avoid supervision and supervision.
It can also be an impromptu passage: a young chef asks for a week or a month in the kitchen of an established restaurant to do hard work --
Peel potatoes, clean snails, cut garlic
In exchange, he had the opportunity to learn from the chefs he admired.
But at elBulli, this stage is still a formal training period, starting and ending more or less exactly in line with the six months of restaurant opening.
Potential stage designers submit applications one year in advance, so that a few months before the start of the season, the restaurant collects a group of chefs eager to sign their own contracts.
Only in their thirties
There are two vacancies that need to be filled, most of which have odds.
Those who went in would like to thank Mark cupinera.
Marc has been the head chef of elBulli for years, but now he is in charge of the odd combination of restaurant administration and design.
He has a long side corner, with a slightly ironic sense of humor, and may run a vintage record store selling vinyl records in Brooklyn.
Instead, he is responsible for a large class of tasks at elBulli, including arranging photo shoots of each new dish for the year\'s catalogue, entrusting local artists to design dishes and bowls used by the restaurant in the new dish, and build a wooden separation device to separate the compartments of the chocolate box that flows out at the end of each meal.
He also designed a silicone mold for the restaurant to make one thing look like another
\"Imitating\" peanuts (
And almond pistachios)
The rose is made of nut praliné and is made of frozen whiskey acid.
\"Mark,\" said Ferrand, \"it\'s MacGyver at Elbury.
\"In addition to his other duties, Mark has been in charge of stage projects for the last three years.
Twenty years ago, when he started working at the restaurant himself, he was one of the only seven stage actors.
More than one person tells the stories of the early days of Elbury, in which Ferrand will beg for the people he meets on the street to come and work for him)
But these days, the number is about 30-
Second, it means that Mark is now processing these 3,000 applications most of the month before the restaurant opens, getting a student visa and using roses to convince the landlord, they do want to rent the apartment to a small tribe of people in their twenties who all go home at the same time and go upstairs at two in the morning.
So he got a long-standing dormitory mother\'s boredom tolerance: It was a man who had seen everything, from fighting in the kitchen to occasional arrests. (
In fact, on 2009, one night, when a neighbor in a building that housed 11 stage actors called to complain about noise levels, he would be woken up from bed.
It was after they threw eggs and oranges at the nasty stagivik who drank on the apartment terrace. )
Marc is elBulli\'s first person to engage with stage actors, and if something goes wrong when they work there, he will be the last one as well.
Choice is an inaccurate calculation that is more based on instinct than anything similar to the formal hiring process.
In fact, elBulli did not interview its potential stage designers.
Marc\'s call was mainly based on the way the applicant filled out the form.
Most people are raving about their desire to work with the greatest chefs in the world;
Many people have a deep understanding of Ferrand\'s career and recipes.
But Mark was not entirely influenced by enthusiasm.
Important experience;
ElBulli prefers the whole of it.
There is a wealth of work experience, not only because it makes things more smooth, but also because the restaurant has students from local cooking schools every year to fill some vacancies in order to maintain good public relations.
Mark said: \"This is the number of beginners we can handle.
He prefers young chefs. “A forty-year-
\"The old man will not last for six months,\" he said . \".
\"I know, because I\'m forty \")
And the people from the restaurant.
Alinea, each Fat Duck-
He thinks his level is roughly the same as elBulli\'s.
Chefs may have many years of experience in top restaurants in Malaysia, but if Mark is not familiar with these restaurants, the chef in question will receive a letter \"we will Archive Your Name, instead of a letter that says \"the season that starts in June 10.
\"Those who are chosen should speak at least some Spanish, although not all of them actually say, some people, like the French --
When it comes to Galle vuiroud, they openly lie about their language skills in order to gain a place.
Although in 2009 Ferrand was proud of having seven female stage actors, there were more men than women.
Although the restaurant likes to maintain the healthy integration of the nation, there are certain limitations.
The Spaniards are always dominant.
In 2009, there were 15 of them at a time.
The rest are from Canada, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Colombia, the United States, Japan, India, Brazil and South Korea.
None of them have been French in the past few years.
\"This is attitude,\" Mark admits with a shrug in the face of this apparent negligence.
\"They never seem to have succeeded.
\"On the first day, stage actors appeared one by one on Ross\'s boardwalk, dragging suitcases and backpacks in the bright morning sun.
The people who first arrived took an outdoor table at the beach cafe and then ordered coffee or beer, depending on how they spent the night before and how proud they were that morning.
Every time a New comes, the person sitting squinted at the dazzling sun and said hello to you.
A small part of the big stage in Catalunya-
Some chefs, some waiters.
Get to know each other from the cooking school and have a pleasant chat, but others sit awkwardly on the edge of their circle, introduce themselves, and then fall into intense silence.
It feels like the first day of summer camp.
ElBulli always has photographers or journalists, even on the first day, a German documentary crew filmed every move of the stage actors who were taken to the restaurant in the same cafe and sat directly in their seats --
Plastic back.
Through the window, they can see the fat, sun-catching tourists walking happily on the boardwalk wearing swimming suits, but the mood inside is very tense, no one said a word.
Marc replaced him in front and began to list the rules: no facial hair, clean and tidy nails, no jacket from your chef outside the restaurant, by the way, you are responsible for washing yourself.
Don\'t joke or joke in the kitchen;
We do not want any misconceptions.
Pants and shoes should be black;
You should have a small offset spatula (
Flat, angled knife with round tip)
Always With You
Don\'t drink at work, don\'t show up late;
Do the latter more than once and you will be sent home.
Mark tempered his strictness with a little encouragement: \"You are with us for 196 days, 54 of them on leave.
So make the most of your time here and make the most of it.
But, almost afterwards, he became rude again.
\"I have a list of 3,000 people who want to go where you are,\" he said . \" He held his chin in the direction of the audience, who looked very upset.
\"So if I have to throw you out, I still have a lot of people waiting to take your place.
\"After a sausage sandwich and lunch with a local apricot, the apprentices have one last thing to do before they go to the restaurant.
Mark instructed them to grab the chef\'s coat and split the stage designer into groups to take them to the new residence to drop their luggage.
Not only did he assign them an apartment
Four to eleven roommates.
But he gave them a room.
\"I want to know who to blame if there is any damage \").
Their choice may depend on luck, but now that stagihull is part of elBulli, nothing they do will give them a chance.
Route from Rose Town to Jewel Carla Montoi-
Like the cay where elBulli is located, this is the narrowest and most tortuous seven-kilometer road you want to take.
For the customer, the location is part of the charm of the restaurant --
Isolated and not easy to reach along a beautiful and dangerous road.
But driving is more complicated for stage actors.
For the next six months, starting around 1 p. M.
A small group of cars will take them to the mountains, and after about 14 hours they will go down again, crossing the view of the vineyards on one side and the glittering Mediterranean sea on the other.
It was a bittersweet journey: all these beautiful, but not their enjoyment;
Unlike the cars they pass by on the road, these cars inevitably contain vacationers with lobsters
On the way from another beach, stagihull will only drive to work.
At the time of the first drive, for most of them, they went to the restaurant for the first time, which was more confusing.
Ralph Sherin, a young chef from Switzerland, admitted: \"I was disgusting along the way . \".
\"But I don\'t know if it\'s nervousness, excitement or motion sickness.
Soon, all thirty
The two stood around elBulli\'s cooking range with 13 long-term staff including Ferran adria.
With the development of the professional kitchen, it is beautiful: wide ventilation, a large window in front and a glass wall in the back that can shine into the spotted Costa Brava sun.
Wearing a still original white jacket with a long blue apron hanging around his neck, the stagielo arranged the edge of the kitchen like a soldier waiting to check.
Mark took his T-
The shirt of the chef\'s jacket, he initially made some comments, as the pressure of several stage designers to keep their eyes focused on him instead of trying to put everything on.
The Colombian said, \"I \'ve been thinking, \'Oh my God, oh my God, oh my God\'
Andrea Correa was born.
\"I can only stand still.
The first is introduction.
In any restaurant, identity stems from where you have worked, which is why the tall and handsome pastry chef from Milan, Luca Balboni, first said he was from mámo BOTU
Short and strong, Sungho Jin-
He invited everyone to call him Sunny-
Working in Tetsuya, Australia.
Jose Luis Pará nervously adjusted his red color
Wearing glasses, he spoke off of his Biko in Mexico City.
Kim Floresca is completely upright and says calmly, \"itself, in New York \";
For Roger alcalaz, a member of the Catalan contingent, this is Madrid\'s \"La breoche \".
Katie Barton, tall and smiling, practices her newly started Spanish and says with a bitter heart: \"In El Baza, Yo trabacho kang José ·
Gangyi Luke\'s Spanish is not that good, but he managed to get out of the \"Mugaritz\" like a crow --
Standing next to him is the Bergonia Martinez with white hair.
The petite Andrea was swallowed up by her jacket and she whispered that she was working in NoMa.
In fact, who is the best restaurant in the world: Txema llamosa from Arzak in San Sebastian; Emmanuelle (Emma)
Leftik is wearing a silver chef\'s knife around her neck. she is from the French laundry room.
In a situation where almost no Spanish is known, Galle vuiroud nervously only stepped out of his age (twenty-two)
Until other chefs asked him in French where he worked last time: Dennis Martin from Vevey, Switzerland.
The official staff then introduced themselves.
Unlike the stage designers, most of them come from one place: elBulli.
Oriol Castro in his 30 s in the kitchensix-year-
Second child man who worked in Ferrand for fourteen years.
Matu Casanas, 30
Three, just started to take care of the pastry-
Or the \"sweet world\", as it says at Elbury --
He started working in a restaurant at the age of twenty. Now twenty-
Nine, chef Edward Xatruch has been working in this restaurant since the age of seventeen.
20-year-old chef Eugene de Diego
He joined when he was twenty. one.
All the chefs went to the party.
Luis araffir, Andres Conde, ATO zhabara, Tony Moraga, Anthony Mas, Sergio Barroso and pavron
I have also worked in elBulli for a few years and sometimes specialized.
Marc told the organization that every long-term staff member started on stage.
Finally, Ferrand spoke.
In sandals and jeans, his dark curly hair began to gray, his round belly in his T-
Shirt, he\'s not a daunting figure, at least until he starts talking.
In his intermittent voice, he delivered a speech, half an inspiring speech, half a hellfire and sulfur.
He welcomed them first and stressed how great an opportunity was before them.
\"We will explain the idea to you,\" he declared . \"
\"Every year we become more and more like a university.
You will learn a lot.
We don\'t want you to know everything, not now, not today. We”—
Here he motioned to the other chefs
\"I don\'t know anything.
At this point, we don\'t even know what the menu will look like.
We all start from scratch.
\"This call for a common starting point reassured some, but it offered a mild warning signal for Sunny.
After all, he\'s thirty.
Two years old, working in a restaurant since he was 19.
Not just any restaurant: he followed his job at Tetsuya, in the French Laundry room at Thomas Keller, many of the best restaurants in the United States.
He is proud of his efforts.
The suggestion that this experience is not important is inconsistent with what he has learned.
\"Either you know what you\'re doing or you don\'t,\" he later said . \".
\"Recipes may be different, plating may be different, but if you know what you\'re doing, your knowledge, your skills --
They will take you there.
\"He continued.
He said they have heard something from Marc: the importance of arriving on time is beyond doubt and there is absolutely a need to drive carefully on the dangerous road to the restaurant.
He reiterated that cell phones were banned in the kitchen and that anyone taking pictures there would be fired immediately --
This restaurant has had more than one bad experience with stage designers posting a new or developing dish on the Internet.
He told them to buy a notebook and bring it with them every day in order to keep track of the new things they learned.
He then added something that surprised chefs who worked in other highly respected places: \"I don\'t want to hear any screams at this restaurant.
No one insults others, no one belittles others.
If you have criticism, you can bring it up calmly at the meeting. We’re a team.
If I heard someone insulted someone, they were out.
Is this true?
Some of the more experienced chefs looked at each other doubtfully.
Ferran continued: \"It was normal to insult, yell, burst when I started.
But now we have created an environment of respect, so they will admire us when others come here.
\"At this point, Edward exchanged an informed look with Orio\'s chefs.
But Ferran, who always says a mile a minute, has already gone.
\"We are like Barcelona,\" he said of Barcelona\'s most popular football team.
\"In order to have a good time, take it seriously to the maximum extent.
\"He warned that they would go to work at 10 the next morning, go to work on time, wear jackets and aprons and refuse their cleaning tasks.
Then, with that in mind, he called them back and asked them to convey the last message.
\"Remember,\" he said, with a gesture that will soon become familiar, lift the index finger to a place between the eyebrows.
\"Recipes are not the most important thing to learn from here.
What you want is the spirit of Elbury.
When Jose Luis went looking for a mop, he shook his head with awe and joy.
\"I can\'t believe I\'m just standing next to Ferran Adria,\" he said . \".
\"I can\'t believe I\'m here.
But excitement is not the only emotion of the crew.
When the stage actors spread to their task, wiped the shelf and swept the floor under the countertop, there was a thin pull in the kitchen.
Of course, none of them want to be late at the beginning of the working day;
Ferran has made it clear that being late more than once will mean automatic dismissal. (
In fact, as a former chef elBulli, he is no less famous than Jose Andres --
Today, he is the chef and owner of top restaurants in Washington and Los Angeles, and a close friend of Ferrand --
When Ferran arrived at the Barcelona bar they were fired on the spot and they agreed to meet at some point and found that Jose Andres had not arrived yet.
Andres got there one hour in advance after eight hours.
After an hour\'s bus ride from Madrid, I went out and made a phone call to Ferrand, obviously nothing different.
The two fought and Firan told him to leave.
\"Four days later, I flew to the United States,\" Andres said . \"
\"If this didn\'t happen, I might still be in Spain and probably still cook at El Bulli. ”)
But their doubts, almost obvious, are getting deeper and deeper, and when they check whether someone is working hard, they silently express their doubts with their sideways eyes, if they doubt someone, then redouble their efforts.
They all know the name now.
Walking past the famous chefs of the Elbury kitchen, they have all heard stories of people who can\'t cut.
So there\'s the question in their eyes: who will stand out? Who will fail?
Is there a big future between us?
The question that worries each of them the most is: am I good enough?
Like most European and American restaurants, elBulli operates under a strict hierarchy that originated in militarism.
In fact, the kitchen staff is called \"brigade\" and the name comes from fin-de-
Not only changed French cuisine, but also created the si ècle French chef of the modern restaurant system.
When he was young, escofield cooked in the Army during Franco --
He realized that many of its protocols were perfect for the kitchen (
Unlike the battlefield, this is a chaotic, dangerous place that often creates a strong sense of survival among residents --
Natural Friendship).
At the top of the hierarchy is the executive chef, or the chef/boss, and of course, at elBulli, they are Ferran adria (
Juli Soler, who manages the front of the House, is also the owner, who originally hired Ferran).
Here are the chefs under him.
There is only one restaurant in most restaurants (
Most of them are male even now)
Not only the second hand of the executive chef, but also the person who oversees the kitchen every night: if not really cooking, he is at least there to make sure that the person who cooks is doing the right thing.
At elBulli, however, there are three culinary chefs, each of whom is roughly the same as the others, although they have their own scope of influence: Oriol Castro, Eduard Xatruch
Below is a position created by Ferran that replaces the sous chef of Escoffier\'s blueprint.
Eugeni de Diego is the production supervisor responsible for ensuring all production is in place (
The phrase literally means \"set in place\", referring to the preparation work, although at elBulli it is not only used to represent work, but also to cut onions and chopped herbs produced at work, but the entire period before service)
This is correct, which means it is his responsibility to make sure that the stage actors do their task correctly.
Below Eugeni is the chef of partie, each chef is responsible for one of elBulli\'s six stations, except for the pastry: cold, appetizers I, appetizers II, meat, fish and \"prepare staff meals, something else will be done --
Although squeezed between the main kitchen and the dishwashing station in a separate, claustrophobic space.
Considering the mixed nature of elBulli cuisine, the label attached to the station is not so much an indication of the actual cooking there, but rather an instinctive dependence on the principle of an organization, that is, in the ordinary kitchen, it\'s logical. (
For example, in elBulli, the fish station is responsible for rabbit Canada;
First of all, I found the abalone, which, as one might think, was not at the beginning of the meal, but about two-
Thirty by its way.
However, the dishes in the cold station are all cold in unity. )
Not just the Brigade found its origins in the late night restaurant. nineteenth-
Paris and the century of Lyon
Almost all other aspects of the modern professional kitchen structure can be traced back to France.
At elBulli, they can call the station a \"Cold Station \"(cuarto frio)
Not avant-garde-
Manager, may be responsible for the ball and freeze-
Replace the salad and pie with a dry shortbread, but the contact is clear.
There are other remnants of the French system: Chefs
World Federation of permanent personnel and permanent staff until Ferrand-
Wear a blue apron and tie it around your neck during mise en place (
Just like the dishwashing station is called plonge, its French name is plonge).
Ferran, chef de cuisine e and chef de partie switch to white aprons during service-
Traditional features of the French kitchen.
However, stage designers wear blue aprons day and night, dropping aprons from the neck to the waist when they start service.
For all of this debt, however, elBulli has also rejected some of the most important French traditions.
The first is the food itself.
ElBulli has abolished mother sauces and classic dishes, thus representing the biggest breakthrough in culinary history.
But there is also a more subtle rejection.
For example, none of the chefs are called \"chefs \";
If you want to call Oriol, Mateu or even Ferran himself, you can call him by his name. (
\"I just can\'t let myself do it,\" Sunny admits . \".
As a result, just like a recently married man was asked to call his new mom --in-
The law \"mother\", the stage actor is not called Fei Lan. )
It\'s like elBulli has a permanent tension with the French tradition of modern cuisine, sometimes accepting its traditions on a large scale, while others sharply reject them.
During the first full day of their training, no one dared to be late.
By 9: 45, stage designers lined up on the outdoor stairs leading to the back door of the kitchen in white jackets and blue aprons.
All notebooks have clutch.
Most people lived in their apartment the night before, met their new roommates and tried to catch up with sleep, although some of them, Argentinian Diego Corrado, proudly went out for a drink. (
The next morning, he said, \"Of course, I went out . \" Nothing looks worse than wearing.
\"Let\'s celebrate! ”)
Accurate to 10 pointsM.
The sound of the command of Edward chartruch was uploaded from the stairs.
\"Antonio, let\'s get started.
Over the next six months, these words and sounds will mark the beginning of their working day.
The kitchen was as spotless as they left yesterday, empty, except for a pile of blurry carrots placed at the long central counter or in the middle of Mesa.
This will be the main task in the morning: Bruno Essien (
Cut into even dice)
Later this week will include Bologna sauce vegetables for family meals.
Here, elBulli is repeating a long
Cooking tradition: all starts with carrots.
But first of all, the stage actors have to learn the kitchen.
When Oriol and Eduard released instructions on how to set up the kitchen, they became chaotic.
There are carts at the end of each counter.
The trash can is below, next to the counter, but does not touch the legs of the counter.
A roll of paper towels alternate into the well below the counter (
\"Smell it first! ”).
There is dirt in the tray under each salamander fish;
When you bring the tray to the dishwasher, remember to bring two handles with you.
Do not walk in front of the pass even during preparation.
Don\'t throw anything away without asking in advance, even the carrot skin.
You tell Eugene every time you go to the bathroom.
Before using plastic containers, smell them first, then wipe them with paper towels, just in case.
Drink only water at work and then only plastic cups-
Not directly from the bottle.
When you go through the kitchen, walk straight and turn at right angles --no meandering.
Always put an offset spatula in your pocket and a towel in the apron string.
When you wash your hands, do not blow the water down and dry it with a towel.
They wouldn\'t have said that if stagiirc found the instructions illogical or a bit childish.
When Edward advises them to eat bread at a family meal, don\'t have crumbs everywhere, they try to take notes (
Thereby reducing the cleaning time)
And nodded clearly in line with Oriol\'s hand.
Dry instructions.
\"I know it\'s ridiculous,\" admitted the cook . \"
\"I know it\'s very troublesome.
But everything we do must be done well.
If a piece of paper sits on the floor and no one picks it up, then the whole thing, all of this, starts to crash.
\"All of this begins to disintegrate: the origin of this sentiment is also French.
Escofield himself also mentioned the importance of a universal precision, noting that without it, with this moment\'s inattention, this can lead to an imperfect potato scale on a red-haired fish or a piece of beef that is not braised enough, which is the most important sign of the restaurant --its dishes—
So at elBulli, it\'s not surprising to have very special ideas on how to cut carrots.
Eugeni shows, peel carrots first, and then arrange the discarded peels neatly.
He trimmed the ends from each carrot and then slid vertically on the mandolin\'s leaves.
Once he has the perfect carrot plane, he will cut them into sticks and then into the small cubes that Bruno Izz needs.
He took a bunch of carrots. all twenty-
4 pounds of people
And the action of stage actors queuing up on both sides of the central table.
\"It takes ten hours for a person to go through all this,\" he said . \".
\"But with all of you, we can finish the work in ten minutes. ” Not exactly.
About two hours later, Ralph, Bergonia and thirteen others were cutting carrots into small squares.
Eugene shook his head in frustration and came over from time to check their work.
\"This,\" he said, putting his hand into a plastic box called a cone at Elbury (
Abbreviation and approximate speech rendering for Tupperware)
\"It has nothing to do with this.
\"For an outsider, it seems foolish to spend 50 hours of manpower to make a dish that would not even be provided to restaurant customers.
If each small carrot cube is to be cooked into sauce, is it really important that their size --
Only the staff can eat the sauce?
The answer is that the reason for sure is not only related to carrots, but also to dry hands and rolling tablecloths (
Always from right to left)
And the exact position on number one.
The ascending cone of the sticker is pasted.
It is not that the way these things are handled must be the best or most logical;
They\'re done-
Attention to themat all.
Ferran and Oriol and edard are not tyrants (
At least not more than other wells. regarded chefs)
They are also not owned by the urgent need to control all aspects of Elbury\'s life.
Instead, they try to create an environment where even the most humble tasks have the right way because they believe in the same idea --
Set will continue to perform important tasks.
In other words, you take the time to cut the carrots into even thin dice
Even though they will cook it with sauce, although only the staff will eat the sauce --
Because doing so helps ensure that the cane sticks injected into the mogito cocktail are exactly the same length, the vinegar dew drops on the oyster leaves will be equal distance to each other, and the fine lines of powder freezing
The dry shiso of the decorative nieús fare will be narrow from the center to the edge of the plate.
You did this because it reminded you from the moment you walked down the steep hill to the back door of Elbury, until you stuffed your dirty jacket into your bag, go back in about 14 hours and you are in a perfectly acceptable place. (
Or at least the idea.
Those stage actors who have previously worked in the Thomas Keller kitchen will insist that the things at Elbury are a bit below their standards. )
Finally, it takes more than two hours for the stage designer to color the carrots.
Just before 12: 40 Andrea reached out to get the last one and put it on her cutting board.
A sigh of relief, almost audible, crossed the line: finished.
But, before anyone can wipe their hands, Eugene and Louis are standing at the counter with two large trays full of spills.
\"Now,\" said Eugeni . \"“Garlic.
\"Less than four hours after the stage show began, it was time for a family dinner.
At elBulli, the staff was in a seat and ate together in the kitchen.
As a result, almost complete demolition and reconstruction is required for a few minutes before and after meals, as it was not long ago that the counter filled with cutting boards and seaweed bath bathtubs was converted into a table and then converted back.
Edward and Orio took a seat in front of the pass and started a new set of instructions, as accurate as before.
The counter was thoroughly cleaned, the floor was cleaned and the trash can was emptied.
Plastic lawn chairs appear in front of the kitchen (
For those chefs who are busy with their own tasks, their phantom must look amazing, but it is actually the server that dragged them in from the storage room outside)
Spread around the counter.
Put a glass in every place.
Bottles and bread appear on a table no longer a counter, but on a plate with part of the food served by the family --style.
All of this is very noisy and very fast;
A few minutes later, the kitchen exploded and the event became more intense after the diligent and quiet atmosphere of the mise en place.
But the key word is minutes \".
\"The kitchen breakdown for the family dinner should not be more than five times, and as Edward keenly observed, one eye stuck firmly on the clock.
Every once in a while, he calls the time, \"seores, you have three minutes.
In the kitchen, these action moments seem almost crazy, always buzzing with purposeful moves. When each stage was in a hurry to complete the task, she was assigned the task, and the chorus of quemos reached the level of fanaticism.
When the \"restaurant\" was finally ready, all the staff lined up at the door to the kitchenette to receive a day\'s reward: a plate of food.
When they were sitting on the first day, Toni Moraga, a chef recorded their location on the map.
For the rest of the season, each stagiaire will need to sit in the same seat during a family dinner.
Thirty minutes later, the chaos began again, like a falling movie.
A bottle of water and a bag of bread. go to the chair. The tables—
Convert back to counter-
It was wiped out again.
The floor was resurfaced.
Diego was accused of rolling up the blue tablecloth covering the pass while mise en place and family dinners and replacing it with a gold tablecloth indicating the service.
However, he forgot the key instructions --
The tablecloth rolls from right to left-
Therefore, precious time is lost when spreading the fabric and starting again.
After all, this setting is also timed.
Since this is the task before the service, it has its own task set.
Kim and Iosu were assigned passes and they had to learn to put each piece of cutlery and a set of serving dishes on the head of the big cow in the center of the decorative table.
They will be asked to remember all the locations within a few days, but now they take notes frantically.
Another stage actor was busy with dishes and wiped everyone in the house with gin (
Alcohol removes fingerprints without leaving a taste or smell).
Still, the kitchen has five minutes left, triggering an emergency related to a medical emergency or a newspaper election --Evening deadline
When everything was over and everything was ready, Ed Hua called the group and the report with an almost undisguised aversion: ten minutes.
The stage actor was dejected in his failure.
Fortunately, there are five days left until June 11.
This almost uncontrolled collapse and established frenzy is a trial run of real things, scheduled to start next Tuesday.
In the next few days, stagihull will complete a series of tasks, from how to clean the tail of the fetal pig to how to globalize the garlic, to how to turn the milk into a skin that can be filled and rolled.
But in their days there will be this crazy order to master, this game against the clock.
Of course, only if they managed to clean up the rocks outside the restaurant.
As a physical structure, elBulli was first hittime visitors.
The most cutting
The edge food in the world is served in a small beachfront restaurant and in the case of plenty of light, it looks attractive, but in the case of the wrong light, it looks easy to look
In addition to the stunning view of Kara Montoi from the patio and dining room windows, the front of the House has little eye-catching or even particularly modern.
But outside, in the rugged landscape around the parking lot and elBulli white stucco walls, for those who are concerned, there is a small one that serves as an unobtrusive sign of premiere avant-garde status
The most avant-garde restaurant in the world
There are rocks outside.
The parking lot in ElBulli is made of gravel.
But around that gravel, in the spacious landscape area leading to the front door, there are thousands of peoplemaybe millions—
Flat slate rocks that act as floor coverings cover up the dirt below with their modulated colors and delightful geometry.
But geometry is not entirely natural;
Look carefully and you will find the rock
Whether it\'s people who queue up at the front door to get a glimpse of the work inside the kitchen, or those who rotate on the Hill right below the parking lot --neatly overlap.
They overlap neatly as a stage actor put them there during his first full day at Elbury.
It is a tradition that is almost as old as Ferrand\'s term in the restaurant.
\"I remember very well,\" Marc Cuspinera said on the first day of 1989 . \".
\"I can\'t believe they made me clean.
Twenty years later, Nico Bejarano couldn\'t believe it either.
He and Diego are tearing down the hill and moving every stone in the mound to one side.
As they did, Andrea came up and raked away the pine needles collected over the past year.
Diego complained about not wearing gloves.
Nico looked at the pile of things that seemed to have not been reduced and sighed a little. “I’m a cook.
\"I didn\'t expect to do this,\" he said seriously . \".
In the past year,one-year-
Old did several stages at Arzak in Martin berlasagi (
Also in San Sebastian)
The comerc 24 restaurant in Barcelona is the top three restaurants in Spain.
\"Not so good.
These things today.
How to peel carrots, how to carry dishes-
A little annoying.
He stopped to throw a particularly big stone. “But I get it.
All these details add up to be true.
\"Rock must add up: 50 people are needed (
They joined the kitchen stage in front of them. of-
House counterpart)
It takes more than five hours to complete the task.
By the end of the matter, most of them will almost lovingly review the drudgery and recognize from it a form of deception that has now been completed, proving that they belong to Elbury ·
But for some of the most thoughtful chefs, Rock is a metaphor for the future.
For some, they are admirable evidence of the pursuit of perfection in all aspects of the dining experience.
For others, they are another part of the restaurant pioneer.
The reputation of avant-garde proves most things
Even outside the restaurant
Can be transformed into aesthetic objects.
Then, for very few chefs, there is a more disturbing conclusion: The rock is a sign that elBulli is willing to spend the most energetic and committed talent in the world, ambitious in the boring young chefs.
Why would anyone be willing to look for six months of boring, physically exhausted and completely unpaid labor?
\"This is a dream,\" said Louis Frey . \" His nickname is Lujo.
Ranch and blonde have been hooked on cooking since he was 16 and work at a local pizza shop, although his parents prefer him to do a family mattress business.
Lujo represents the most idealistic.
It should be said that this is the most common-
Reasons for signing the elBulli stage.
Very simple. he worships Ferrand.
Like an amiable Spaniard, Perfecto Rocher, he tried for four years and finally got the stage at elBulli.
He said, \"I have all his books . \"
\"I have been reading them since I was a child.
I think I have already remembered his recipe.
\"No one denies that a stage in elBulli would look good on a resume, but for most apprentices it\'s not just the reputation of the restaurant that attracts them;
This is an opportunity to really understand it and learn from it, and this is the most attractive.
Nico gushes was born in Colombia and explained, \"I always wanted to be here.
Not only to get some recipes, but also to the whole spirit of the place.
He tapped the notebook he had in his jacket pocket.
\"These are not Notes. These are concepts.
I can use all their models if I have my own restaurant.
Even more tired peopleor better-informed—
The stage performance sounds a bit amazing.
\"Two people working here told me what I was doing,\" Sunny said . \".
\"It was really hard, they told me, and I would be bored to death.
But nothing can stop me from coming here.
\"For an ambitious young chef, on the stage at Elbury, it is equivalent to entering Harvard or forming an Olympic hockey team.
For such a respectable opportunity, stage actors are willing to pay the price --literally.
In addition to the cost of getting there, for many people, including an international ticket, they have to budget food and any other costs within six months of arriving there.
Like many Harvard students, stagiaire\'s parents often pay for whatever he can\'t.
However, even those who do not have financial support will do their best to come here --
They sacrificed more as soon as they arrived.
Unlike many of his fellow stagikers, Mike á lvarez takes advantage of the opportunity to travel on vacation in Europe (
A Spaniard, even though he was American. sounding name)
Rose never leaves
He couldn\'t even afford to go home to Galicia.
Luke from South Korea had to limit the number of times he went out with other crew memberswork drinks.
Jorge Purta, from Venezuela, admitted that sometimes he would starve because he could not afford groceries;
He only eats family meals for a few weeks a day.
All stage actors have a story about the sacrifices they have made: Wives and boyfriends are abandoned and jobs are abandoned.
But cooking is already a profession that needs to make a huge sacrifice, and for most chefs who come to Elbury, at least on paper, the demands of this restaurant seem to be the same, there is nothing more onerous than anyone else.
This does not diminish the fact that their days will be long, work will be hard, emotional stress will be high, their housing conditions will be crowded, or they will be far from home.
But in the first days of this, stagihull was convinced that it was all worth it and that they believed that what they had learned would compensate them for the difficulties they had suffered.
Four days before the opening ceremony, the list of things that the stage actors don\'t know-
How to organize walking from-
In the refrigerator, how to board is called yemitas-
Actually unlimited.
The restaurant took the burden off, started the season with the menu of the previous year, and gradually exchanged dishes with new inventions.
But for stage designers, even the old dishes are new and need to be different from any preparation work they have done before.
Garlic is not only peeled, but also organized by clove size.
The olives are not just pitted, then washed, and passed by hand --
Exactly, 15 hands.
Through the flexible mesh screen, press at all times to extract the full amount of juice (
This liquid will become the famous freshly ground olive in the restaurant, served with the starter cocktail).
Mackerel fish is not just a wash and slice, but a perfect V-shaped shield.
The task particularly affected the ability of many stage actors;
After starting a few minutes, the table in the middle looks like the eighth one.
The first grade biology class is broken.
Mackerel Fish, however, is not the most complex thing they will do;
In elBulli, there are difficulties in many varieties.
Some of the tasks are challenging because the product is new and is unknown to almost everyone.
For example, no stage actor has worked with ortiguillas (sea anemones)
Before that, it\'s tricky to learn to separate the sticky edges from the same sticky body.
Eugeni picked up a pair of scissors and gave a little explanation for this product: how anemone grew in three regions of Spain, but these
From Canada in the Southare best.
He then demonstrated how to cut a complete circle from a creature that is basically like a sputum ball.
Stagivel tried to do what he had instructed, but most failed miserably; the apple-
Sergi palacin, a recruit at a local cooking school, was cheeky and finally took a few sticky paper towels, and he poked in his plate with frustration.
This was proved again by Eugeni;
The World Federation of permanent personnel will try again.
Oriol came over to check their work, shook his head and ordered the stage designer to put each pre-prepared anemone on the plate until Eugeni could check it.
\"We can\'t make any mistakes on Tuesday,\" he said . \".
\"I don\'t care if Eugeni has to demo hundreds of times.
You have to put it down by Tuesday.
It\'s hard to have some housework: because the restaurant made its own coconut milk for its spectacular \"balloon --
It looks like a dinosaur egg-
The KG of coconut needs to be cracked and cut into pieces, which requires a good hammer and a strong bicep.
However, compared to the tuna bone marrow, the coconut pales in terms of force, and the tuna bone marrow is wrapped in a thick, bone-like spine, as high as some stage actors themselves.
It is difficult for the chefs to cut enough bones with a kitchen knife to make the spine fragile enough to break, and then carefully dig out the plastic bone marrow inside.
They should extract it in a single bloblike segment.
Bloody work, a little disgusting.
There are thick veins to compete --
But not as bad as the rabbit\'s brain.
For those, on the stage against a few plates of neatly arranged rabbit heads, their fur and skin were removed, showing the pink flesh below, and their small teeth were exposed, their unseen eyes were all staring in the same direction.
Each chef picks up a head, places it on his cutting board, and then passes the chef\'s knife tip through the center of the skull until it splits.
He picked up half of his head and carefully scooped out the cisterns.
Of course, the premise is that he did not accidentally open the knife into the shell too hard.
In this case, he will splash his brain inside the skull.
\"I \'ve never been used to that,\" admitted Jorge, who was once a vegetarian.
\"I just can\'t see the rows of rabbits that peeled off.
\"Almost all preparations require a certain amount of precision, which is new to all except a few stage actors.
Anyone who has been to a cooking school knows how to grind vegetables to a flat surface so that the finished product is like American football.
The idea is that when these carrots or European radishes are plated, all the vegetables will be of the same size and shape, which brings a pleasing geometric symmetry to the dish.
At elBulli, what has to be turned is rhubarb, and only in this case, this is not because one piece of rhubarb will sit on the other --
In fact, there is only one plate.
Rhubarb is being transformed and looks more or less like sea cucumber espardenya in Spanish cuisine, it will share a plate with it.
However, in order for the visual effect to work, it is necessary to cut the rhubarb into a precise 6 cm length and then cut to make its end thinner gradually.
This requires not only a ruler, but also a piece of plastic clay.
In fact, in the first week, Clay was everywhere, bright red or blue spots, shaped to the right size and supported as a model to measure the turned rhubarb or hand
Rolling bread or French breadCrisp skin in shape.
This is one of elBulli\'s small innovations and one of its ironies: in this so-called technology Hall, precision does not require some precise calibration machines, but one of the most common in kindergarten classrooms.
\"We use it to minimize the debate about who\'s the right size,\" Ferran said . \".
\"That\'s what we want.
The least opinion.
\"The ability to be precise, physical endurance, overcome disgust and maintain your own perspective: these are key qualities on stage.
But while chefs may not yet be aware of this, another feature will be more important to their success at elBulli, which is to bear the tedious mental and emotional abilities.
In the first week, when every task is new, it makes some sense to spend a few hours at a time squeezing olives or cracking coconuts.
\"You have to repeat it over and over again until it becomes second nature,\" Luke said without complaint . \".
But even now, there are signs of what will happen.
For example, the first thing on the morning of June 12 is that the new chef learns to make yubas.
The group was divided into two parts, and as Eugeni showed, it was half crowded around flattop.
Yuba is milk skin-
As anyone who makes overheated chocolate knows, a solid film formed when milk is boiled.
Ferran studied the technology in Japan, and he used it in Elbury over the past few years, turning it into the main character of several dishes.
Later in the season, yuba will be made of soya-bean milk and will become an ingredient in a plate filled with a few possible iterations of soybeans.
But now, the kitchen will supply the skin made of milk as a package for a dessert called \"omelet surprise.
\"Eugeni first poured a few boxes of organic German milk into the pan.
The Eugeni Command says that even this mundane task comes with a description of the method that borders on mediocrity: \"Put the cartons in the pan and pour them out of there . \".
\"Otherwise, you will be splashed out.
\"The Milk was safely placed in the container, and he lit the flame, waiting for the contents to boil.
When the skin begins to form, he gently presses with a pastry brush to prevent bubbles from forming.
A few minutes later, he thought the skin was solid enough to scoop it up with bare hands and carefully lift it onto the plastic wrap.
This is the trickiest step of the whole process: Let the Bath bully lie flat and wrinkle --
No freedom to tear.
If it is torn, it will enter the trash can.
If there is a hole in it, it will enter the trash can.
If there is a tiny bubble, its internal organs may leak once it is filled, and it enters the trash can.
Before Eugeni asked the volunteers to be responsible, each stage actor took turns to practice.
In a rush to show that you are eager to take any responsibility, raise your hands with one hand.
Eugeni paused and looked at each side before choosing Iosu sines and Miguel Alexander Perez.
Others looked at them with mixed eyes of jealousy and resignation, suspecting that the choice was a judgment, and that those who did not choose were found wanting.
But this is not the case in Elbury\'s view.
Iosu and Miguel Alexander don\'t know what they just volunteered to do.
The learning process of each new task is the same.
At the center counter, tableware and containers are arranged in double lines.
Eugeni replaced him at the table, showed the right technique, and then hovered on the stage as the stage actor tried to replicate his movements.
He will demonstrate again if too many fail.
Once he\'s sure they got it, the whole team.
Fifteen stages.
Start the product seriously.
As they were nearing completion, Eugene pulled some chefs away and started a new task for them, which he once again showed off.
So it went through the pigtails (
Blan dropped his tail, cut it with a peeling knife, scrape off the cartilage, and lay flat in the tray), rabbit ears (
Cover the ears, peel off the skin and fur, wipe the stick in the gap to remove any dirt, insert the skewers to keep the ears flat and put in the tray)
And pistachio (crack, peel).
In these early days, stagihull was too excited about the new product, too afraid to screw it up, and even afraid to notice the repetition in their preparation work.
There are so many unexpected steps, and even the most common product to remember so many things: they must remember to smell every oyster after opening it, holding every pea --
Citrus slices of the size in the light to check the seeds. If they forget—
If an oyster is accidentally stretched from hand to cone, Eugeni will punish there.
Marc Cuspinera looked at them and commented, \"in three days they got enough information to drive anyone sane crazy.
As he watched them try to keep up, he made a little joke: \"Go ahead and ask them if they have any questions.
Two days before the opening ceremony, the stage designers finally began to learn how to set the plate.
From the beginning, pastry apprentices worked in their own posts, but until now, the others have also been separated, based on standards that have neither been expressed to them nor understood by them.
Sunny is clearly one of the most skilled chefs, but he was sent to the kitchenette, where --
Maybe it\'s because it\'s in charge of family dinners, maybe it\'s because it\'s too small and claustrophobic --
Many people think the tutoring math class of the rather crude World Federation of permanent personnel.
Meanwhile, Cesare Marazzi annoyed some of his peers with his pass
Faire\'s attitude towards work is assigned to cuarto frio as its chefs tend to work with the most avant-garde
Technology and technology.
Due to uncertainty about the criteria for making judgments, stage designers comfort themselves by thinking that none of these tasks are permanent.
But how is the homework done?
Language numbers in decision making
The chefs don\'t want to put anyone in a position where even the slightest responsibility is, and if he doesn\'t speak Spanish well, that\'s why Sunny and Emma-
Both of them passed the kitchen of Thomas Keller.
To the kitchenette.
But on top of that, the new assignment is basically based on intuition.
Watched stagiherb do nothing but clean the protein and cut the vegetables --
Have never seen most of them even turn on the stove
Employees are still confident in their ability to judge new apprentices.
\"You can definitely see the difference between them,\" said Louis, the amiable chef of appetizer I.
\"Everyone has a lot of energy, but some people are more nervous based on their experience.
You can see who pulls to one side or the other, who uses the knife well, who is faster, who works clean, or who just wipes a piece of cloth on the counter, who knows what\'s going on around them.
\"Chef Aitor Zabala at the cold station was unable to choose his own crew, but he understood how they were selected.
\"We have been looking at them --
\"How do they do basic things like chop,\" he said . \".
\"Cold Station is its own small world, so I need people who are not too young to take responsibility for themselves.
They must be good.
He paused for a minute.
\"But they can\'t be too good.
It\'s better to go somewhere else.
\"In fact, it\'s better to go to the chef in the main kitchen.
Mark considered Nico, Txema and Roger one of the strongest chefs, so the three of them were assigned as Louis assistants to start I, Anthony Mas on meat and Sergio on fish ·
Because the task liberated them from the center table for part of the time at the mise en place (
Even on the fifth day of work, it quickly becomes repetitive)
This is very mouth watering.
In fact, an assistant may sometimes be asked to actually cook during the service --
Not just plates.
Make it more so.
But among all the stage designers, Andrea is the one who wins what everyone thinks is the best job.
For three days on the stage, Oriol used her as his \"creative\" assistant.
The task meant that she had to come in ahead of the other stage actors, and the first thing she had to do in the morning was to spray the flies, but when Oriol invented and tested the new recipe, she will also be in his right hand.
She will witness everything about El brilly more than anyone else. The remainder—
About 15 stage actors
Stay at the center table, where, during the service, they will be responsible for providing the chef and their assistants with any dishes they can\'t make themselves.
That\'s why oriol started laborious work on the morning of June 14, not only teaching the stage designer what the current 40 or so plates on the menu should look like, but also teaching them how to make them look like that.
They start at night.
A dish that looks like traditional pasta, made of potatoes, but is actually made of spherical corn porridge, so it is lighter in texture and almost liquid in the interior.
Lightly stews with coffee, oyster sauce and Parmesan cream, decorated with jade bars, and finally decorated with a small amount of coffee beans and Mountain oranges.
Oriol shapes a few pieces of clay into \"gnocchi\" and then starts assigning tasks.
Luke brought the plate.
Jose Luis took them to the fire lizard to heat them up and put them back on the table in the middle.
Pablo put six regiments on the plate and arranged them in pairs to form a triangle;
Leia drops a tablespoon of Parmesan cream on each cup.
Antonio followed the ground coffee beans and carefully lined them up.
Diego put three capes in the middle of the triangle;
Mike lay on two Bath bullies.
Jorge spoon is a bit of saffron.
Cream is injected on the basis of two Bath tyrants.
Finally, Roger took the transfer tube and squeezed a few drops of oyster oil at the bottom of the plate.
If the plates pass by one after another on the conveyor belt, it\'s confusing enough, but they don\'t.
They are indeed static;
The chef moved.
Oriols teach them to rotate clockwise around the table so that, ideally, they don\'t hit each other.
But in the heat of the moment everyone is watching and there shouting \"Come on, come on\" and the action looks more like a melee than a plating, the dishes reflect confusion.
Oriols took five minutes to describe the error: The Bath bully touched the soup ball, the capers touched the Bath bully, and the coffee beans were not equal distances to each other.
\"Any time you make a mistake, we will send the plate back.
Suppose the plate is part of four plates.
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