The six characteristics of silica gel products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Excellent silicone products, in the silicone products in Europe and the United States and other countries is very welcomed by people, at home, at present it is a great market potential is huge, but in the future there will be more silicone products flood the market. Why is this so good. 1, temperature tolerance, silica gel is a kind of heat resistance of this material raw materials, production of silicone products of nature is very heat resistance, because in the process of production, product molding temperature up to 230 degrees Celsius, the minimum critical temperature of 40 degrees. General from the professional technology, this requires manufacturers to grasp the various aspects. Good control of every working procedure, so the product won't are not familiar with local adverse or rubber. 2, easy to clean, silica gel products is a kind of waterproof products, any changes in the water would not have happened, this is the silicone products are born there. And the production of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances can be on the high temperature of hot water boil disinfection, can also be put in the washing machine or dishwasher cleaning, laundry won't silica gel products. 3, long service life, silicone materials in the space agency is very complex, but chemical properties are very stable, not with the general is any chemical reaction, come out strong acid alkali, general weak acid weak base won't have any change, this gives a few dollars to silicone products with good features, produce silicone products long life, but also very durable, so the general opinion silicone products, especially silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, such as silicone products, with 3 - - 5 years is no problem, and compared with other material products, silicone products more durable. 4, soft and comfortable, this feature means that the silica gel silica gel products this kind of material can produce some more soft commodities, such as: silicone baby shampoo brush, this product is a ellipse shape, the back with a suction cups, small needle surface is some small soft, these little against the skin has the effect of massage out cutin, colleagues also won't hurt the skin surface, this is why the emperor bo silicone manufacturers of silicone baby shampoo brush is very hot, a lot of trading companies and taobao sellers have to place the order, this production line is very busy. This kind of silicone brush because soft baby shampoo, besides can give baby shampoo, colleagues can wash a face as a young woman. 5, color variety, silicone raw materials at the time of adding masterbatch and vulcanizing agent, change color immediately, the entire process is transparent color silicone itself to join in the proportion of color changing, so the color of the silicone products, very bright beautiful beautiful, whether as silicone kitchenware, silicone accessories, silicone gifts, is our common silicone commodities, suitable for all kinds of places can produce silicone products. 6, environmental non-toxic, at home, have a lot of friends all don't know silica gel material, they do not know silica gel is a kind of environmentally friendly non-toxic materials, lead to a lot of misunderstanding, some even said silicone is a toxic substance, actually these are all misunderstanding, using silica gel products, in addition to the products which I said above, doing the most common or silicone pacifiers, this is a household products are used. Silicone nipple is a silica gel products produced by silica gel, but with different production process.
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