The silicone zero wallet manufacturers how to do the quality well

by:Keyuan     2020-12-11
The silicone zero wallet manufacturers how to ensure the quality? Silicone technology has a custom production experience for many years, how to do the quality well in it and share with you: the first point: the procurement of raw materials manufacturers on the choice of raw material should be careful, try to choose the famous brand, such as: wacker, Toshiba, dow corning and other international famous brand. Silicon technology USES the brand is wack, products of good quality long-term use is not easy to damage. The second point: the silica gel to the requirement of environment change purse manufacturer production environment must be clean. Because the silicone products to the requirements of the production is very strict, in smelting material and forming process if the blending foreign body will greatly increase the scrap rate. Silicone technology for health requirements of the production workshop is very strict, from the raw material of split open a case to the refined material to cure are not polluted. The third point: the standardization of the production workshop silicone technology standardization management, is the enterprise operation of each concrete work, every work details to regulate system and data requirements, and according to the standard requirement, should be implemented in a strict examination. Only in this way can guarantee the quality and delivery. Silicone zero wallet manufacturers, except to do above at 3 o 'clock and the perfection of related processing equipment. Build anti-static processing, food-grade silicone technology processing, secondary vulcanization processing equipment, so our products can pass food grade certification. Has been a work in progress, we have always been exploring always put product research and development, product quality as the first. We learn all completes the labor of duty, providing customers with the best quality products. Original content, reprint please indicate the source
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