The silicone wine pourer one content is multi-purpose

by:Keyuan     2020-08-27
The silicone wine pourer one content is multi-purpose, home kitchen, personalized custom make life add color, take time to use, fast and convenient! Silicone wine pourer operation: insert the wine pourer silica gel end red wine bottle, slowly poured out wine can, simple and convenient. Silicone wine pourer for drinks, fresh food with ice and ice fun ornament. Product features: (silicone wine pourer 1) Convenient and easy to use, red wine, liquor, wine and so on, convenient to carry, wine does not drip, easy to clean, compression deformation, can be used repeatedly. ( 2) Delicate appearance, improve wine taste, creative design conforms to all kinds of regular wine bottle, clean, environmental protection, elegant. ( 3) Made of 100% food safety grade silicone material science, environmental health, security, rest assured used. ( 4) Can wash in the dishwasher, microwave, oven, refrigerator, etc. , all sorts of color is optional. In addition to its own function, also can be used in the kitchen all kinds of liquid seasoning encapsulation poured out of use, convenient and lighter, not sprinkle leakage, saving environmental protection, durable, kitchen good helper!
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