The silicone waterlogging caused by excessive rainfall basket have what advantage

by:Keyuan     2020-09-17
Basket using silica gel drop food grade silicone materials, non-toxic harmless, without any pollution to food, bowl with flexibility, product surface wear-resisting degree, in line with international safety and hygiene standards. It is not easy to deformation, rupture, melting, can be used in the refrigerator, microwave oven, dishwasher. Easy to store and access freely, non-stick oil, easy to clean. Tensile use, occupy the space is little. Packed in bags did not take a place, especially suitable for carrying out use; Go out in the outside, outside, have a own lunch box, health and so on environmental protection to avoid cross infection/bacteria germs, resistance temperature for - 40℃~240℃。 Basket advantage 1, high quality silica gel is made of high quality silica gel drop food grade silicone material, can be directly contact with food, there will be no taste, flexible and durable. 2 wash fold at the bottom of the basket, easy filtration pores, can food directly on the inside to clean, the basket handle and frame for the high quality metal, retainer force strong, not easy to deformation. 3, when receive convenient use, can open, need not when can be folded up and put away, also can hang on the wall hook, not take place. 4, widely used folding basket can not only hold content filter water, heat insulation pad can also act as the dishes and kitchen utensils and appliances, vegetable basket, elegant appearance can also be placed in the living room as a fruit basket, etc. , application is very extensive.
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