The silicone vent plug can be used in what place

by:Keyuan     2020-09-18
Silicone vent plug is now very popular a kind of silicone products, because it has good air permeability and sealing, and can effectively waterproof. Applicability is wide and the material is compact, cost-effective, appliances, tools, thus there are many industries are doing often use breathable protection silicone plug. Due to the silicone vent plug high impermeability and high permeability waterproof and so for all sorts of lamps and lanterns is exposed to outdoor have very good protection effect, such as outdoor lights, car headlights, are very suitable for the use of vent plug of silicone rubber products. Due to the above two kinds of lamps and lanterns is exposed for a long time, so will be affected by many unfavorable factors, such as all kinds of bad weather such as rain and snow, high winds, and the environment temperature difference is too large, these and use has a great influence on the performance of the lamps and lanterns. And if the waterproof breathable silica gel plug, to all sorts of lamps and lanterns can have effective protection, it can effectively prevent fogging and permeability of be affected with damp be affected with damp phenomenon occurs, seal can also ensure the pressure on both sides of the lamps and lanterns, so the protection of outdoor lamps and lanterns effect is very good. Of course, there are all kinds of indoor tools, because a variety of tools working environment is complicated, so will certainly be affected by factors such as temperature and pressure. And some tools long battery, the battery for a long time use will release harmful gases, it will affect the tool to the normal work of the internal components. And silica gel plug can effectively keep the internal and external gas exchange, so as to guarantee the normal work of the harmful gas will not affect the tool, silicone vent plug also can make the tool after the fever heat dissipation.
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