The silicone tooth gum what role

by:Keyuan     2020-09-06
About silicone tooth gum, a lot of professional theory is used to meet the needs of and alleviate baby teeth to itch, by sucking and chewing teeth that to promote the baby's mouth and hand coordination, not only conducive to the baby teeth grow, also can promote the intellectual development, when the baby's mood is not happy, tired or want to sleep, get some by chewing silicone tooth gum psychological satisfaction and a sense of security, silicone baby tooth gum can also play a massage gums, relieve the discomfort of baby gums when teething. Pacifier grade silicon the birth of the teeth, tooth period given baby provides a lot of help, also reduce a lot of new treasure mom in baby teething troubles. Using silicone baby teeth that can be avoided in the teething bitten by oneself, also to avoid the baby bitten hand hygiene and bacterial infection, a lot of good. So baby use silicone tooth gum is also quite good, it is important to note the baby teeth in different phase of production is different, so suggested that mothers, according to the baby teething and age to choose different tooth gum, help baby teething. Silicone tooth gum is also called the baby silicone buckle bags, grinding rods, the pacifier grade silicone tooth gum customization, give you treasure mom provides a wide variety of silicone rubber to choose, can also be customized according to individual needs.
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