The silicone tableware safe? The silicon material tableware endure high temperature of 238 degrees

by:Keyuan     2020-09-28
The silicone tableware safe? This is the first time that many Chinese people come into contact with silicone material meal kitchen utensils and appliances, have a question. In the impression, like plastic, plastic materials, are all afraid of high temperature, will melt at high temperature, and then send out a pungent smell. So the domestic market, meal kitchen utensils and appliances is given priority to with stainless steel metal. But there are still many people not curious, since they are thinking of the major online e-commerce sites are selling silicone meal kitchen utensils and appliances, the silicone should also can be cooking, security should be guaranteed. But in a lot of people stopped at the last finishing ', 'because most elegant modelling, style, good-looking silicone scraper, silicone spoon, more expensive than ordinary stainless steel kitchen utensils and appliances. And uneasy, afraid of spent a large amount of money to buy back, found that it won't. In fact, it has been integrated into the silicone in our life, not just the tableware, kitchen utensils and appliances, such as daily life baby bottle nipple, sealing ring, rubber mat on the glass lid of pressure cooker and so on, these are all made of silica gel. These silicone products and high temperature hot water contact, often to people to use for so many years, don't have to listen to good? Who then the following is characteristic of silicone kitchen utensils and appliances, believe you see later, don't worry about their safety. 1, the raw materials are used in food grade silicone material molding, non-toxic tasteless safe environmental protection. Part 2, kitchen utensils and appliances with folding, kneading, flip, etc, place does not occupy a space, also won't adsorption oil, itself has desiccant, so won't mildewy qualitative change because of the long-term storage. 3, silica gel because of good insulation effect, so can very good to protect the temperature of the food, and reduce the loss of temperature, placed in the silicone food containers in after a period of time can keep the original temperature, also not to temperature to the user, not hot. 4, silica gel compared with ceramics such as tableware, the biggest characteristics is the resistance to fall off, fell on the ground, also won't have any noise. Commonly used Chinese ceramics tableware what all good, is fragile, and although plastic tableware also stand up to fall, but the hardness of plastic big, fall after may have crack fissure, etc. 5, silica gel has a good temperature tolerance, can be at a temperature of 238 degrees Celsius deformation and metamorphism, - 60 degrees Celsius doesn't happen hardening phenomenon, so you can be used for steaming, boiling, baking, etc. This is also one of the leading causes of silica gel can be used to make kitchen utensils and appliances.
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