The silicone tableware popular in foreign countries

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
According to incomplete statistics show that in recent years in China, China silicone products factory production of silica gel tableware nearly 6 w t, and a rising trend; It is worth noting that nearly 6 w tons of silica gel tableware are export, export Europe and the United States to some developed countries. Think about why these developed countries abroad so like silicone tableware? And China has only 10% of their production of silica gel tableware, t is less than 1 w, it will not let us is worth thinking? Silica gel tableware is widely used in Europe and the developed countries, and domestic depression, actually in the final analysis it is possible for such phenomenon: 1, lack of China's economic development ( The silicone tableware relatively high cost) (relatively poor, 2 people environmental protection consciousness, Silica gel tableware belong to environmental protection non-toxic products) 3, national promotion insufficient ( Countries not value) 。 Actually, silica gel tableware in abroad popular is because, the advantage of silica gel tableware itself advantages: a. Silica gel tableware USES the food grade silicone material molding, silicone material internationally recognized avirulent insipidity environmentally safe. b。 Silica gel tableware tableware huge advantage compared to other material is: after the fall; Ceramics, glass, stainless steel tableware has a fatal weakness is: fragile, although plastic tableware can also by the fall, but plastic hardness, fell after the hard to avoid has a disability or crack fissure; The silica gel tableware accidentally fell on the ground, also won't appear any signs of damage, also won't appear the noise and it broke. Recommended reading: TPR and silicone material in the application of kitchen utensils and tableware c. Bound to steaming, boiling, grill, boil tableware, etc. , all of these requirements need high temperature resistant performance, yet you don't need to worry about this problem; Because has the character of heat-resistant silicone, can in the high temperature of 240 ℃ of heat-resistant and deformation and metamorphism, - 40 ℃ won't produce hardening phenomenon, more won't appear the melting, aging, yellowing phenomenon, so you can be at ease without classification casual cooking. d。 Silica gel tableware for things have the effect of the relative thermal insulation, silicone can coordinate the fusion with temperature, both hot and cold temperature can protect the food itself, which have the effect of heat preservation. e. Silica gel tableware easy to clean, because the silicone it non-stick oil, the oil, also is in the nature of desiccant; So the silicone tableware is convenient to clean. f。 There is a big advantage is: silicone folding tableware, such as: silicone folding bowls, silicone folding cups, silicone folding carton and so on, folding tableware footprint area is greatly reduced. See the silicone tableware so many advantages, the author is a crush, no wonder the silicone tableware popular and widely used in the developed countries in Europe and the United States? Ordering the silicone tableware supplies can contact us directly. Relevant article recommended: silicone kitchenware properties | silicone kitchen utensils and tableware of safety problem how to choose the environmental non-toxic tableware, all kinds of baby tableware what are the strengths and weaknesses
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