The silicone tableware have a taste

by:Keyuan     2020-08-29
Silica gel tableware is USES the food grade silicone material by molding, there is no taste, can be used the common silicone material production, may be just to buy the products is a little taste, you can use the following method to remove the silicone tableware. 1, after cleaning, placed ventilated place after a few days will fade away. 2, with high temperature oven for you can smell, general manufacturers will be in the high temperature 200 degrees bake for an hour or so can remove the smell. More than three, you can use the high temperature water dry cleaning, repeated several times can eliminate smell. 4, with salt water with vinegar bubble, bubble 10 minutes out basic didn't taste. 5, the use of silicone in addition to flavor agent, can effectively remove the silicone or silicone resins and additives in the processing and use of the possible release of all kinds of smell, improve the production environment and products of environmental protection level of silica gel, usage is low, in addition to the taste of high efficiency and convenient application, environmental non-toxic, should be able to buy on the market.
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