The silicone surface gloss is a principle?

by:Keyuan     2020-12-03
Development of silicone industry, silicon technology has been perfect, silica gel is for its excellent characteristics and the development of environmental protection non-toxic advantage continuously, has spread to every aspect of life, loved by the masses. So, silicone mold processing plants in order to meet the customer's requirements, sometimes in guarantee the quality of the silicone products, but also realize high gloss on the surface of the silica gel products, in order to increase the silicone products and beautiful, so, how to realize the gloss on the surface of the silica gel products? Baoan silicone factory answer for you. High gloss on the surface of the silica gel products is high quality silica gel products, in the form of the high gloss is made from high polishing mold silicone products, in order to realize the gloss on the surface of the silica gel, to guarantee the quality of the mould, so, we should be how to guarantee the quality of the silicone mold? One, to ensure that in the manufacture of moulds according to the size of the product to choose the appropriate hardness of silica gel. In this way can make silicone products have better gloss, more beautiful. Second, the silicone oil cannot be added to the gel, because the greater the addition amount of silicone oil, mold is more soft, tensile strength and tear strength is lower, the silicone natural don't last long, will reduce the service life. Baoan silicone manufacturer focus on producing silica gel for 15 years, 'the production of green environmental protection for the general customers the high quality silica gel' yes production idea, custom silicone gifts, production of medical grade silicone, silicone products, such as food grade silica gel, silica gel daily necessities made of high-quality pure silica gel through various environmental certification, quality assurance, color variety, basic no moulding line, welcome friends from all walks of life come to visit, guidance and business negotiation.
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