The silicone steamer mat use matters needing attention

by:Keyuan     2020-08-25
Silicone steamer pad cleaning step (1) first of all to put the sticky products covered in the warm water half an hour, then take a rag to wipe the, finally to dry in the sun. (2) can't use washing machine mixing, or it will damage to the quality of the product itself. (3) if the silicone steamer pad damage will not be able to use, then again or steamed steamed bread there will be a problem. (4) and silicone steamer pad can not use highly corrosive chemicals use, can only use some of these we often use soap or detergent, etc. Silicone steamer cushion against the sticky skills (1) silicone steamer pad in the first place position put to use again. (2) if the silicone steamer mat quality general situation, can brush a layer of oil to use before use. (3) often clean silicone steamer pad can also prevent the sticky. Use silicone steamer mat the note (1) cannot be met, hard object or it will damage the silicone pad surface can't normal use. (2) can't direct contact with open flame, such easy to burn out the silicone steamer pad. (3) cannot be used for a long time not to clean, otherwise easy to mildew.
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