The silicone seal - The secret of the waterproof electronic products

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
The secret of silicone seal, electronic products, waterproof, electronic technology is more and more high, the modern consumer desire for the electronic products are also on the rise, so the functional electronics technology is not low. Many of the technologies on the market at present is waterproof and dustproof. Sealing, this function has become a magic weapon of many brands, the word 'waterproof' natural there will be a good image of the product. So today the silicone product manufacturer for the great popularization of electronic products, waterproof technology and truth! As you all know, a lot of smart bracelets, mechanical watches, now all have the same functions such as smart phones, especially when it comes to apple, samsung, SONY, a well-known brands such as huawei, but to make waterproof technology. Do you really understand? If your mobile phones or electronic products fall into the water, you might be lucky enough to continue to use it in a dry, but your phone have waterproof function, if you are not lucky, it could burn circuit board. So for a real waterproof smartphone, basically nothing, for the iphone, the waterproof models, such as the Galaxy or SONY Xperia, add a waterproof silicone rubber ring as long as the mobile phone can effectively prevent fatigue, but if you must use waterproof phone or bracelet swimming, in the short term may not be a problem, but use for a long time, I think you will have to change a! Using silica gel seal on smartphones seals, has long been considered, waterproof and one of the biggest challenges is unable to make crystal permanently attached on the frame, but the silicone has reached this effect. At present, the development trend of mobile phone housing mainly adopts high soft silicone rubber, high precision after assembly will not appear crack phenomenon, after bonding effect. So the silicone seal also realized the technology!
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