The silicone seal the cause of the deformation and seal

by:Keyuan     2020-12-04
Silicone seal the cause of the deformation and the way of sealing silicone seal ring generally is often used in the industrial equipment, but in the use process is easy to cause the silicone seal deformation, then what is the cause of deformation, and how we should go to take the seal way? What is the main cause of silicone seal permanent deformation as a result of the silicone seal with synthetic rubber material is belong to the viscoelastic material, so the initial amount of compression set and springback plugging ability after long time use, can produce permanent deformation and losing, eventually leak. Permanent deformation and elastic disappear is type O sealing ring out sealing performance of the following is the main cause of permanent deformation: a. Temperature influence the silicone seal permanent deformation temperature is silicone seal permanent deformation of another important factor. Higher temperatures will accelerate the aging of rubber materials. two Compression ratio and tensile impact permanent deformation produced silicone rubber sealing ring used in all kinds of recipe, under the compression state produces compression stress relaxation phenomenon, three. Working medium of silicone seal permanent deformation caused by the pressure of the working medium pressure is the main factor causing the silicone seal permanent deformation. Modern hydraulic equipment work stress are increasing. Long time high pressure function can make the silicone seal ring permanent deformation of silicone seal different seal type O sealing ring tight tight shutoff rate W should ponder question the choice of using conditions, static tightly closed or move close close; Tight shutoff is static and can be divided into tight shutoff is radial and axial tightly closed; Radial tightly closed ( Or cylindrical static tightly closed) Leakage field is radial, axial tightly closed ( Or the most brief surface static tightly closed) The leakage of the clearing is axial space. Axial tightly closed according to the pressure preface effect in type O sealing ring inside still outside and points by the internal pressure and external pressure of two kinds of working condition, internal pressure to add stretch, reduce outside low type O sealing ring drawing at first. So we in the use of silicone seal should pay attention to our way of packing, and attention may be the cause of deformation, welcome everyone to come to foshan rubber custom inquiry,
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